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Santita - September 13

hi i am a 14 yr. old girl and i think i may be pregnat. i have not had a regular period for three months now. The last time i had intercourse was a week before my period wich i ended up skipping. Now i feel fatigue, nausea,light cramping in my lower stomach, and increaced urination. i am very scared and i really need some answers. please help me out.(i had one occasion of a sharp pain in my that bad?)


Nathalie - July 17

Have you tried a pregnancy test yet?


kitten - July 17

go to the doctors to find out im 17 and im 39 weeks pregnant i found out by a free pregnancy test clinic and home pregnancy tests if its been that long then you need to check.


Lauren - July 17

You do sound like you are pregnant, So what I would do is go to the drug store and get a pregnancy test! Because it's better to find out before it is too late. And you are only 14!! wow!


s_xy D - July 18

My first question is where is your mother if you are afraid to tell her well it is too late because you need to see a doctor if you have not had your period in a minute, I'm not trying to come down on you are any thing but i am trying to have a baby and i am very much older than you but you need to take care of your self and go see a doctor and honey you have your whole life to live if you are not pregnant now im not trying to tell you to stop having s_x because who am i but at least protect your self ok


kristin - July 28

well I am 15 years old and might be pregnant also and I have been having the same side affects like urination increased and could be pregnant or you could have a blatter infection.


shorty - July 29

I would go and get a test done, but don't stress as if your periods are irregular, your stress may be affecting them. Are you on any bcp? It is also good to know the fertile times of your cycle, as you ovualate about 12-14 before you have your period,and the egg can only be fertilized in 3 days and then it starts to die. I would find your best bud or someone to talk to bout this then you wont feel like you are carrying this worry urself. It will all be ok.


V - August 10

If you have missed 3 periods then YES you are pregnant. You KNOW that s_x leads to babies, so you only have yourself to blame. It is probably too late for you to have an abortion now, so congratulations, you are going to be a mum soon!


yeah whatever - September 13

d__n girl. there is no way you can compare pamela anderson, whom every guy wants, to you pregnant teens!!


KM - January 17

maybe In your opinion its a real turn off. Depends on the guy. some guys arent so shallow and dont just want s_x and a hot girl.I am a teen mom, and my bf thought it was very s_xy when I was pregnantt with his baby. I know TONS of teen mothers in new relationships, most met their bfs while they were preggo. Many men find it attractive to be pregnant. Its not unattractive its a beautiful thing. You really need to grow up.



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