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T - June 25

I need some advice and I'm hoping some of you on here can maybe make me feel better and help me so I'm not as worried. I've been dating my boyfriend now for about a year and we fool around, but have never had s_x yet because I don't feel that I am ready for it. About two months ago I found out my best friend was pregnant and I stopped and thought about it and I am so scared if something like that happened to me because I know my parents would be mad and his parents would be mad as well. Everytime we mess around and have oral s_x or whatever I get so nervous if he gets too close, like what if he has something on his hands and he touches me and doesn't realize it, or something like that and what if something happened. I'm overly nervous and I feel bad because I know it's getting on his nerves. We've decided not to do anything else until I'm fully ready and not nervous about anything. I got my period on time for this month (June 11th) and I'm due to get it again on July 20th...the other day my side was hurting really bad..on the right side, my lower abdomen and I'm just wondering could I have been ovulating or is it too early since I'm not supposed to get my period until July 20th? I really just want to talk to someone about my fears because it's really stressing me out...I can only talk to my boyfriend and he is always very helpful but I don't know who else to talk to...I just needed to vent and I'm wondering what are the chances of me getting pregnant if he touched himself and touched me, etc. Thanks for taking the time to read this. I really appreciate it.


Grandpa Viv - June 25

Generally you would expect to ovulate 14 days before your next period, or July 6th in this case. With a cycle close to 40 days, you could get a better fix on that by studying the signs of ovulation such fertile mucus etc. The pain you mentioned might be early ovulation, especially if you notice the same thing the next cycle but on the other side. The chances of you getting pregnant with your messing around are pretty slim, but as you get bolder with time, the chances will increase. A glob of fresh wet c_m placed in your v____a during the fertile window can cause pregnancy. One possibility you might consider is to use v____al spermicide before your encounters, even though penetration is not planned. You can add a condom later when you make that decision. and happy hunting!


Amanda - June 25

Dont worry about it... like seriously theres probably like a 2% chance that you are pregnant (which is not high at all) I just lost my virginity about 3 weeks ago and every time weve used a condom, but yet im still a nervous wreck about being pregnant... its like all i think about. I feel sick and i dont know if its because im worrying myself or if i am really pregnant. i would seriously consider waiting to have s_x!


29 year old MOTHER - June 26

It sound like you are not ready to be in a s_xual relationship. Take your time and don't never do anything(s_xually) to satify your boyfriend. Planned parenthood is a good place to get birth control and condoms. The use of birth control will have ease those fears you have. Always use condoms to protect agaisnt SIDs and pregnancy. Stay safe and take care.


Sydney - June 26

Hey girls..ok--i am 21 & pregnant. Tho I am not a teenager I have found it extremely emotionally, physically, & mentally exhasting. I was by no means prepared to have child. Even though I am ONLY 15 weeks pregnant, I have realized that I am going to have a tough time. Im doing it by myself b/c the father of the child & I are not's lonley....while all of my friends are out being young, I have found myself very depressed. Though any baby is a true blessing, I know that this was not the ideal time for this to happen to me & my life. Want to know why? B/c my life will never ever be the same again. If you are going to have s_xual intercourse then you need to be on birth control. Find a way to get it. YOu dont need parental consent for it. HOWEVER, if you are too young to drive or have a job then you should not being having s_x anyways. I know that it happens younger than that in some instances & if it does then please always wear a condom b/c you have SOOOOOOO many years left to enjoy s_xual pleasure. I promise-YOU HAVE NO IDEA.


Help - July 1

I already have a 14 months old baby girl to start off with, so my cycle doesnt have a set day one day I might start on the 15 and next month on the 1 st.Now I had s_x on my 3rd day on my period May 3 which he came in me twice. On June 26 I recieved my period it was only 2 days long and very light which they be around 5 days long. I can feel like wave movment plus bad headaches. So could this be my second pregnancy or what



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