Scared About Dry Sex

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IAmVeryScared - September 18

My boyfriend and I were having dry s_x in our underwear. He somewhat had his p__s inside me, not very far, but he did. I thought i could feel it better if it would only go through one layer of underwear. Then I took his p__s out and had it go through my underwear into my va___a... although he didn't c_m, he may have prec_mmed. Am i pregnant?


no - September 18



Natalie - September 18

You need to wait to see if your period comes first. If it does not, take a home pregnancy test after your period is a week late. You can get pregnant the way your described. Next time, use a condom or don't have his p___s anywhere near your v____a if you plan to fool around. Anytime the p___s is in or around the opening of the v____a you can become pregnant. Best of luck.


Tara - September 18

You can get pregnant that way. Take a HPT if your period is late (late when it doesn't come when it is supposed to). In the meantime get protection via a condom and/or the pill.


Scottie - September 18



IAmVeryScared - September 18

My period finished roughly 2 days ago as well


Tori - September 18

If your period just finished roughly two days ago then no you are not pregnant especially if this dry s_x just following your period. This is cuz you would not have been in the ovulation period.


Viv - September 18

It sounds as though it won't be long before you go to the next level. May I suggest you insert contraceptive foam or suppository each time before you start necking. This will minimize the chance of accidents such as you describe. When you decide to go to full penetration, use a condom as well as foam. On your fertile window, Days 8 - 15 go to the movies instead. If you follow this regime you are very unlikely to get pregnant.


IAmVeryScared - September 21

thank you all for your support, my boyfriend and i realized how stupid we were to do this, and we both thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts


IAmVeryScared - October 6

Well..... My period hasn't come yet, but i've been having the syptoms of it... thankfully... I hope that everone out there has learned from my boyfriend and my stupid mistake. It is possible that I still could be pregnant, but only time will tell


me - October 14

I have news for all of you.. My first pregnanc I got pregnant the 3rd day into my period, and now I am 39 and a half weeks pregnant with my 2nd and I got pregnant 3 days after my period so yes you could get pregnant after your period.


bkat - October 20

anytime s____n is on or in your v____a there is a chance of pregnancy. it only takes one sperm... prec_m contains sperm. next time becareful and use a condom. wait for your period to come and if it is late take a pregnancy test.


unknown - October 20

what kind of stupid a__s question is that?!


help - November 3

My boyfriend and I were having dry s_x for the first time, both in our underwear and when we were done i saw a wet stain on his boxers. I had my normal period but then the next month it was about a week early and only lasted a few days. It's the next month and my period is late, is there a chance I could be pregnant?


KM - November 3

Viv, necking is such a funny word lol :) and help- your situation is similar to that of the original poster.So the advice given on this thread would also apply to you.


uu - November 4

no ur stupid .....necking hahaa...



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