Scared And Confused

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Jenn - August 21

My period is two weeks body is acting like it's coming but it's not! I had unprotected s_x with my boyfriend, but he didn't c_m in me, we stopped...I don't know what could've happened! I know some people just "know" when they are pregnant, would I just "know"? I'm not feeling like I am except I have been feeling neaseaus lately. I'm so scared, I'm only 15 and I don't want to be pregnant! I'm scared to go and by a test and too scared to tell anyone!


mc - August 16

you can get pregnant from pre c_m. just next time please be sure to use protection!! if you dont want to be pregnant just remember the next time and be sure to use a condom or get on the pill. just please be safe...but in the meantime you can go to a local drugstore and buy one (or you can go somewhere where you wouldn't know anyone working there) and buy a test. also there are clinics in most areas that provide urine tests free of charge. i wish you the best of luck and take care of yourself :)


Angela - August 16

Yes, there is a possibility that you are pregnant. It's one of the risks when you have unprotected s_x, even if he doesn't c_m, pre c_m is enough to get you pregnant. Please don't wait though, the sooner you know the better. Then you can sit down and think about your options. If you're not pregnant please remember how scary this can be and think about the reality of it, 15 is young, you should be doing 15 year old stuff!!! Please use protection next time, no matter how the moment feels. Buying a test is scary, I am 25 and I was scared, but it's a relief to know!!!!! You'll be fine and good luck!!!


take a test - August 21

You can get pregnant from pre-c_m so there is a high possibility you are pregnant. The pulling out method is not very safe. USE CONDOMS! The again you could be neaseaus b.c you're worried...take a test, it's the only way to find out!



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