Scared As Hell

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hongkong - September 28

I haven't had my period yet. Feeling like my stomach is getting bigger. But haven't really had any other symptoms. I'm 17... and nobody knows except for my bf. I'm scared shitless.. don't know how it can be happening. I was stupid enough to let him into me without being protected even though he pulled out. Took the test twice and both was negative, strangely. So scared that if it's real.. I feel like I just wan to jump out of the window and escape everything. Can't tell any of my friends cause I'm usually the good christian girl that everyone looks up to... shit. sigh. so hopefully i will be able to talk about it here.


GimmeaBub - September 28

If you have done pregnancy tests and they have come up to negative you iether miscalculated your period due date and tested too early, or you have to go see a dr and have a blood test done because thats the only way you will know for sure. Sorry your feeling like this, but seeing your dr is probably the best option. Goodluck


Krissy25 - September 28

How late are you? For most women their stomaches don't start getting any bigger for several weeks. I maybe started to notice a slight change at 10 or 11 weeks but some women do experience bloating but as we all know that could be a premenstral symptom too. Even being a couple days late for your period you should get an accurate result. Make sure you are taking the test in the morning when you wake up. The first morning urine is the most accurate and make sure you are reading the directions carefully. If you are using the test that you pee on i have found that going into a cup and dipping the stick in is a lot easier. There are a lot of reasons your period could be late and being stressed out is one of them. My advice is to take another test and if it is still neg. and you still have no sign of a period call your doctor or go to a local pregnancy clinic to find out for sure. Good luck.


Baliezer - September 28

You are probably stressed, which can delay your period. Planned parenthood can do a free blood test if you want to be absolutley sure. I would just relax and not worry about it. The more you stress the longer it will take to get your period.


ChattyKathy - September 28

The stress is most likely causing you to be late, not pregnancy. Beyond that, I think you are putting too much pressure on yourself to be the "good christian girl". Everyone has multiple dimensions. No one is perfect. We all make mistakes or do things we aren't proud of. Let those things be apart of you (so long as they are not harming you). Ask yourself what your personal values are and live your life by YOUR standards. You don't have to be perfect, but you also don't have to let yourself get into situations such as this which is obviously not what you want.



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