Scared Carol Off

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Krista - October 19

Is it just me or has Carol been MIA today? Did we finally scare her off?


brittany - October 19

carol is in the signs of pregnancy forum giving everyone her sob story on how everyone in here is so mean


Krista - October 19

That's not the real carol, brittany. You see how that Carol types like an idiot? Though Carol is/was annoying, I find that it is hypocritical of everyone to blame her for hogging the board and THEN the same people who do this pretend to be her. They're b___hing about her hijacking threads, but they're creating new ones pretending to be her. They are worse than she is.


CAROL - October 19

Goodday, Ladies! No, I've not been scared off, perhaps MIA, but let us not waffle over unimportant matters. I am overjoyed that my body is nuturing my child. From this day forward, I'd like it if we could be civil to one another and support eachother in our journeys towards motherhood.


mediator - October 19

Carol, if you must continue to post because your obsession with this site wont let you stop, at least use a different name so you can seriously communicate without being bashed. Stop pretending you are such a victim just trying to help otheres because if ti meant that much to you, you would just use a different name and stop stirring up trouble. You have been reported to the editor of the site and are currently under investigation.


CAROL - October 19

Dear forum mediator: I realize I have made mistakes in the past week and a half on this site, and I am trying to reconcile with people who I have offended. I am hoping that we can all come together and give support and hope. I feel changing my name would be portraying myself falsely to these ladies. If they choose not to accept me, I will look elsewhere for encouragement. If you are investigating the happenings on here lately, you will see that 90% of the posts by "Carol" are not even me (by tracing the IP numbers). I feel recently, I have been unfairly persecuted, but I am willing to accept it as pennance for past mistakes.


hali - October 19

look "CAROL" is writing herself. she is so bored and don't have a life! i feel sorry for her


????????????????? - October 19

This is really sad CAROL!! If you need friends I sure the MEDIATOR can buy them for you


Re - October 20

YOU lot are the ones with an obsession with her! YOU are the idiots! God, letting someone get to you that much... Get brains people.



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