Scared I Might Be Pregnant

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Lynda - September 5

My name is Lynda and I'm 14 and Im scared my boy friend may have got me pregnant. My boy friend is almost 18. We have been having s_x for more than 6 months, he took my virginity on Valentines day. He told me he would never c_m inside me so I would not neeed birth control. I don't have an signs of pregnancy, I'm not tired, eating strange things or having morning sickness. One of my friends older sister was sisck all the time she was pregnant. However I have not had a period since before valentines day. I heard that lossing your virginity screwed up your period and you might miss one or two because of the changes in your body and your hormones. When I went shopping for school clothes I need to get a larger size my old size was to tight. When I got dressed Thursday I noticed my new jeans were really tight. My br___t have grown a full cup size in the last 2 months. I noticed that tummy is not nice and flat like a couple of months ago but round and bigger. Do you think I'm pregnant? If so how far along do you think I am. My boy friend admitted that he has been c_mming inside me the entire time


Jamie - September 5

You're boyfriend has been keeping that a secret and obviously he was looking to get you pregnant so if you are pregnant and he doesn't want to help you take care of the baby you'd better remind him of how he said he'd never c_m inside you.You need to get a pregnancy test,if it's positive go to the doctor and they can confirm it and tell you how far a long you are and help you to have a healthy pregnancy because it's important you take care of yourself.Let me know how things go.


- September 5

be careful thats call rape!!


Shannon - September 6

You really need to get a test, you could be. How did you not realize he ejaculated in you?? Did fluid like stuff come out of you?? Tell your mom soon. You'll need proper care if you are.


hoping to adopt - September 7

You need to get a test as soon as possible.Please let us know and take care of yourself.


hoping to adopt - September 7

if you need someone to talk to email me at [email protected]


Steph - September 7

You'd be right about six months pregnant now. If you are pregnant, you need proper care asap. Tell your mom.


Melissa Faria - September 7

yes i think u are pregent


girez - September 7

baby girl, im sorry to say, but u just mite me b pregnant, im 15, i didnt feel anything,no morning sickness, nothing, but im pregnant,not all of us are the same thats why u dont feel anything,u need to take a test.



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