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aaron17 - February 27

welll.. im new to this stuuff.. i am 15 years old and have a 17 year old boyfriend who i love very much.. my parents also like him very much and i am so happy with the way my life has been and my boyfriend have been having s_x for a couple months and we used condoms EVERY time.. im not stupid and i try to be responsible..but .. the condom broke so i went to planned parenthood and got the plan b pill.. about 6 days later i blead like a normal period for abut two day although my period isnt due till around the 4 of march.. i should be fine i just get so nervous reading about implantation bleeding on the web.. any information and help would be GREATLY apprciated.. also am planning on getting on birth control asap to be evtra safe.. any suggestions? thank you SOsoSO much


ChattyKathy - February 27

Sounds like the effects of Plan B to me. Don't forget that once you get on birth control it takes about a month to come into effect. Also, if you get sick and need to take certain antibiotics, they can interfere with the effectiveness of the pill. If you feel you are the type of person that can remember to take it at the same time every day then the pill seems right for you. If not, there are alternative methods of BC that you can talk to your doctor about.


Grandpa Viv - February 27

I'm with Kathy. The overdose of hormones can mess with your cycle. Getting on birth control is a great idea - just be aware that it might take a few months for your bod to become adjusted to the side effects. Good luck!


aaron17 - February 27

aahh! thank you! you dont know how much the two of you made me feel.. its so nice to know theres caring people out there =)... and is there any birth control thats better then others i know they have patches and shots too not the pill


Grandpa Viv - February 28

There is also Nuvaring and IUDs with hormones. All the hormone things have side effects. Sometimes the doc will try different kinds to see which you tolerate best. The failure rate of the mini-pills seems to be pretty high among teens. If you have a regular cycle and can learn about your fertile window, condoms plus v____al spermicide plus no s_x during window is an alternative. Good luck!


Noodle - March 2

have you considered another form of birth control as a backup. The pill is the most usual but if you find it difficult to remember, theres always the injections.



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