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Scared - December 6

Im 17, and on 14/11/05 i lost my v. to my bf, since then we have had unprotected s_x twice but was very brief due to us both knowing we shouldnt be doing it unprotected. He didnt come but im still worried i may be pregnant. MY periods are very regualar. Becuase iv been so scared since having s_x iv been waiting for my period and expecting it on the 5th. i know its only two days late but this is very rare for me..if it doesnt come on time, its early, never late. Am i being paranoid? Also if i take a test and its positive, what do i do from there? I hate the idea of abortion but its my only option i CAN NOT have a baby, im not ready for it.How do you go about getting an abortion and what does it intail?


CAROL - December 6

Before you start thinking about having an abortion, why don't you take a test? Since you've already missed your period, it is possible to get a positive result, if you are indeed pregnant. Peace be with you.


To Scared - December 6

Ok you can still get pregnant if he didn't c_m inside you. He can release what is called pre c_m. Just thought I would let you know about that. Stress can cause your period to be late or not come at all. What I would do is get a pregnancy test, if it's neg that you're fine, if it's positive and you want to have an abortion than you need to talk to a clinic near you that preforms them. They can answer any questions you might have regarding the proceedure. Now after going through all of this I would strongley suggest that you get on some type of birth control, once you start taking it use a condom for at least a month until it can get into your system. Good luck to you.


Brittany - December 6

Did you take a test yet? Keep us updated!! Good luck hun.


Thank you guys! - December 10

Hi guys, i took the test and it was neg..was just a bit of a shock comin on late after what happened. Thanks for you replys, this site is really good and evveryone who posts seems so nice! Thank you so so much everyone. hope to talk to you all soon x



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