Scared To Be A Daddy

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Evan - March 25

It seems like there are more women on this site than there are men. I really need some advice, and I hope maybe I can get some from you ladies, or perhaps other guys out there in my position. My girlfriend has been talking to one of our mutual friends, and I found out that she is pregnant, but afraid to tell me. I want her to know that Im here for her and Im going to support her in whatever she does. Im not really sure how to bring up the conversation without putting the blame on our friend. I also don't know exactly what to tell her. I don't know what her decision is going to be (whether to keep the baby or not), but I want to know what I can do to help her. If anyone could give me some advice I would really apreciate it. Thank you.


Liz - March 25

Congrats daddy I wish I was preggo. I would tell you that I want to be preggo so bad.


Mizzy17 - March 25

Evan I might be pregnant and my bf is so happy..


MOMMA2 - March 25



Evan - March 25

I am 19 and my girlfriend is 18. I am really excited to ask her about it. I just don't want to approach it the wrong way. Hopefully everything will go well.


Britt - March 25

My advice is to just say something like "you know, if you ever got pregnant, i'd be here with you the whole way, so don't ever be scared to talk to me"...then she'll be like... how convenient....and she might tell you..or if she makes a funny face after you say it..say something like "what, are you? and smile or something.. " .. i dont know it just seems easier to beat around the bush then to come straight out because i'd feel the same way if i was in your situation don't want to like, ambush her, and u dont want your friend to get mad at see how it goes..keep us updated


maya - March 25

do the "is there anything u want to tell me that i should know and u know and u don't know i know. u know. that would get yall talking about it. if not just ask her " r u pregnant?"


Liz - March 25

I agree w/ Britt


redeem - March 26

from another guy's perspective, I'd say that you're going about this the right way. Congrats on the baby for one thing, and also follow Britt's advice. Also, another thing you would want to add would be that you wouldn't mind being a father. Even with Britt's statement, she still might not want to tell. If she still says nothing, tell her you know all about it, and you still love her.


Allie - March 26

Evan....... Your girlfriend doesn't know how lucky she is.... You seem like a great guy. Good Luck & God Bless You Both.


Evan - March 26

I just want to thank you all for your help and support. I spoke with my girlfriend just a few hours after I posted this. I ended up asking her if there was something bothering her that she wanted to talk about, and that I was always there for her no matter what it was that she needed to tell me. She ended up spilling everything. She cried and I held her and talked to her about it. Her and I have both decided we want to keep the baby, and we are actually really excited about it. I just want to thank everyone once again for everything. Hopefully, this might come as some help to other parents out there. I will keep you posted on other things as the days pa__s. =]


katie - March 26

congrats Evan and im gald everything went well :-)


Re: Evan - March 26

Maybe you should ask her if she ever wondered what it would be like for the two of you to have a baby. When she does tell you be supportive as you already sound like you are. Also be prepared for her mood swings. Pregnant women can be moody but as long as you stay by her side and rea__sure her that you will be there the two of you should be just fine. I wish you both lots of luck.


redeem - March 26

way to go Evan, what you did takes guts, and I hope you two have a healthy baby. Just make sure that the next one comes after you two are married ok? ;-)


Audrey - March 28

Evan- Congrats to you and your gf for talking it out and making some decisions. It can be just as hard for the man as for the woman during this time, but as long as you support each other and communicate then things should go well. Best wishes!


Rachel - March 29

Congrats, Evan! You're in for a huge surprise. You sound like a decent man. Someone's really lucky to have you as a dad.



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