Scared To Get Tested For Pregnancy Incase I Have STD S

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Scared - October 23

i scared to got to the doctor to get a pregnancy test incase they check me for STD's i'm sure i'vve not but i'm just one of those people how don't like hearing bad news about my self so if i do a urine test will they beable to find out if i'm pregnant or if i've got STD's please answer ASAP thanks or tell me what yous think


Angel - October 23

If you go to the doctors they will check if your pregnant through either a urine test or a swab test. Once you r pregnancy is confirmed they generally check you out for everything else with another swab. Dont worry, they wont test you unless you are pregnant. Get the pregnancy test out the way first. Even if you do have an STD then once pregnancy was confirmed - wouldnt you rather you knew at least for the childs sake - it would be born with it too and how bad would that be, knowing you hadnt treated it in the beginning. But hey lets not get ahead fo ourselves. Go and get tested by the doctor - its your only option apart from a home PT. Good luck and god bless =)


Jbear - October 24

Even if you're not pregnant, if you suspect you have a STD you should get tested. The testing is always confidential. Some STD's can become quite serious if they are left untreated, and also could affect your fertility in the future. When I've been tested for STD's it was always a blood test.


AL - October 24

Please dont be scared, i have had experience with having an STD. i was with my boyfriend and i found out that he gave another girl an STD before he got with me. so i went to the docs to get checked, i was so frightend like you say you are but there is nothing you have to worry about its over and done with in 2 mins. they use like an ear bud to take a few swabs from your v____a and that is it over and done with in no time. they found that i did have an STD and that if it hadnt have brrn treated as soon as it was i would have not been able to have childeren. im with a different guy now and have been for about a year but i still go for regular check ups (every 6 months) to be on the safe side incase he cheats on me or something. im now 18 weeks pregnant so i was lucky. go and get yourself checked if you have any doubts you may have one please go! and good luck xx


to al - October 24

im awful shy to so i wont want a swabs done i don't really like my body how do the do it do you take of your trousers or what?


Heh - October 24

Ladies, if you are mature enough to have s_x and be pregnant you will have to mature enough to do what is right for your child. Though I can understand your nerves (I am 34 and STILL hate going for those exams :P). But I am afraid that if you are pregnant you will have to just deal with it. Besides, you will lose that shyness soon enough as it is. There isn't a whole lot of dignity in pregnancy. Good luck.


P.S. - October 24

To the last poster, yes you have to take off your trousers. They do cover you with a sheet though, but the doctor will be seeing it all I'm afraid. Don't worry about it though, they see all types and nothing shocks them. Also, be honest and upfront and let them know that you are nervous. They will be understanding.


me - October 24

if you are pregnant you better get used to 'taking your trousers off' !! But when you are in labor screaming you wont care who's seeing all and sundry!


me - October 24

and come on, its better to know and get it treated than not know and let it destroy your reproductive system and infect any future partners. I think its worth a few moments of cringing!


Jbear - October 25

It's a little embara__sing the first couple of times you have a pelvic exam, but you get used to it. You can find a female doctor if that makes you more comfortable. Whether the doctor is male or female, there will be a nurse in the room when you're examined. Doctors treat people of all shapes and sizes...they've seen it all. Just think about some of the ladies you've seen with know they've been to the ob/gyn.


WowYouSuck - October 25

learn to speal, biatch



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