Scared To Take The Test

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spoiled93 - April 27

i'm turning 15 in about 2 months and me & my boyfriend had unprotected s_x 2 weks before i was suppose to get my period and now i'm almost 4 weeks late. I'm experiencing all the signs like being tired all the time and morning sickness but i can't bring myself to actually take the test b/c if it's postive i'll have to tell my mom who will totally go ballistic.


MelissaP - April 27

Not taking the test wont make you not pregnant if you are. It's best you find out asap so you can figure out what to do next. You want to get as much of a jump start on the issue as you can. our mom will probably be very upset, but you have to remember that this will be a life altering event for her too. She will be upset, then she will have to get over it and help you decide what the best plan of action is. Good luck and take care!


Grandpa Viv - April 27

Due date Dec 7? With the exposure and the signs and close to missing a second period, you almost don't have to take the test. Just say, "mom, do we have any prenatal vitamins around the house?" I understand your predicament, trying to stay in denial as long as possible, but the sooner you get it over with, the less time you are going to be obsessing about it and the sooner your baby will get prenatal care. You will be surprised at how soon mom will get over the shock and disappointment, and start anticipating a grandchild with enthusiasm. Good luck!


Deserae90 - April 28

I know what you mean. I don't even know what a neg test looks like. I always waited until I either I got my period or didn't. If I didn't I kept waiting until it was pretty much like "duh well, I know how this is going to turn out". It b__ws to wait that long and the time in between in excruciating! Good luck! I hope [and think] you're mom will be understanding if you are indeed pregnant!


iona - April 28

Grampa VIv, I highly respect you and the help and understanding. But this girl is 14!!!!! I can not imagine her mom anticipating being a mother again and financially and emotionally willing and ready to raise another child. Yes, that would be the best case scenario. If I would have come to my parents at 14 (sophomore in highschool), I would have been told to give my child up for adoption. Which would have been the obvious best choice considering my (and my parents) circ_mstances. Anyway spoiled93 Good luck!!!


Franny - April 28

I agree Iona. It is not so easy to say at 14, "mom are you prepared to quit your job and stay at home and raise your grandchild while I continue to finish my last 3 years of high school. Dad... are you willing to work a double shift in order to financially provide for your grandchild you will raise..." This is a__suming her parents are supportive, young and strong and still together. Let us know how it goes girl!


spoiled93 - April 28

I talked to my boyfriends mother first, who had her first child at 15 and she basically helped me to tell my mother, which was surprisingly easy with my support system there. The funny thing is my mom already knew and was just waiting for me to tell her. And as of right now the plan is for me to keep the baby and have my boyfriends mom watch it during the day when im at school since she's a nurse and only works on the weekend. And i have my first prenatal exam on wednesday. wish me luck and thanks for all your advise.


Grandpa Viv - April 28

Good work, 93. Moms do keep track of their teen daughters' menstruation, though I have had people jump down my throat for suggesting that possibillity, too. Your mom was very understanding to wait for you to 'fess up. Good luck, and if it is a girl, see if you can plan how to teach her to avoid the same predicament.



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