Scared To Tell Him

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katiylnn - August 22

im 19 years old and me and my husband have a beautiful 6 1/2 month old girl. i just found out im PREGNANT again, 3 weeks my doctor said. so the other night when we were bed i brought up the subject of more kids. and we were talking and he said he wasnt ready to have another and he wanted to wait till our daughter was older. idk how to tell him now. i was so happy when i found out and then hearing him say he didnt want anymore kids at the moment....i just idk wat to do. im scared if i tell him he wont be as excited as me. any adive?


Katie - August 22

No One Should Be afriad to tell there own Husband that there pregnant...He should be happy not matter what...Maybe he just said that BECAUSE he thoguht u wanted 2 wait...Men tend 2 do that...I think You should tell him...If hes mad theres nothing to do but have that baby!! Can i Ask You a qusetion though? Did U get A pregnancy test or did ur doctor just tell you you were pregnant???


katilynn - August 23

well i took two hpt and one said pos. and the other said neg. so when i went to the doctors i asked if she could tell me if i was pregnant or not.


karine - August 24

you should really tell him that you are pregnant. and explain to him that you know that he wanted to wait but it happened and ask him his feelings about it...go from there.


mel - August 24

katiylnn He's your husband, it may be a little bit of a shock when he finds out that your pregnant again, but when he starts to think about that there be another little bundle of joy on the way, he'll be estatic. He might not be excited due to shock, but you'll know what he'll be like, exactly the same as he was when you were pregnant with your first. My fiancee was a bit stressed when i told him that we were going to have a baby, but now that he's used to it, he wont stop kissing my belly and is always so happy. The two of you are bringing a sibling into your daughters life, you'll be able to bring them both up together, don't worry about it, he'll be excited. Good luck.


omyrah - August 30

hey i had s_x with this guy when i was out on vacation and im scerad to tell him that i might be preganant and i dont want him to hate me or ne thing


Shannon - August 30

He'll respond to your news better than you think. He probably didn't want to plan. But with these surprizes you can't help but be happy. Good luck.



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