Scary Story Pregnant Teens Please Read

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annie - June 18

hi, i'm annie, i'm 15 and 16 weeks pregnant. i dont have a question but i have a story. it was a couple days ago and my boyfriend and i went for a walk, just to talk about things. me being pregnant came up, and we decided to get an abortion. ya see i THOUGHT i was only 9 weeks pregnant, but when i went in the next day for the abortion, i got told different. the doctor told me i am 15 weeks and i had to make my decision about the abortion fast and that once i made the decision i couldnt go back. i decided to go through with the abortion. but since i was so far along i had to have a two day procedure, thats where they put some kind of sea seed stick in ur cervix to dialate u to 1 1/2 cm. the next day after i got it put it, i was supposed to go in at 12:00am, but i totally had a break down and made and wanted to keep my baby,(because i found out how big it was already and that it could feel pain). luckily i found a doctor to take out the sea weed and heal me up. i am so lucky!! i am at high risk pregnancy now. but all is good. i just wanted to tell those who decide to have a two day abortion, that u can go back. dont let any doctor talk c__p to u or push u to do something in a limited 10 mins. email me at [email protected]


~kat~ - June 18

im glad you decided to keep your baby,good luck.


To: Annie - June 18

I dont meant to hurt your feelings. But you are 15, how in the world will that baby turn out (Most likely get pregnant young as well/ or get a girl pregnant) are you considering adoption? I was adopted :) good thing to, i live with a wonderful family. Think about all of your option. You made a hard choice. I hope everything goes well!!


Lesley - June 18

Not every child that was born by a teen mum is going to be a teen mum/dad. Why does everyone say that?


Most - June 18

cuz the majority do! not all but MOST


Lesley - June 19

Why brand everyone the same? They all have different circ_mstances, they are all different people. Why not advise, not judge, each one seperatly.


Sarah M. - June 19

It's an unfair generalization, to be sure... But statistics say that generally, it is true. Some kids born to teen mothers are apt to do things much differently then the children born to older parents. Sad but true.


Brittany - June 20

I'm glad you kept your baby, you'll realize when you have him/her that you made the right decision...remember, life is only hard when we make it that way. Good luck.


Kayse - June 21

Im no trying to like discourage young mothers or even cut them down but 90% chance there children will likely get pregnant at the same age they did


Lesley - June 21

A child growing up is most likely to be influenced by its friends more than it's parents. Obviously the parents have something to do with the way they turn out due to discipline. But by law there is not a lot parents can do to a child these days.


to kayse - June 23

where do you get your percentage???? I fthings like that are really true then why didnt I wait to have my kids until I was 39 like my mom did?


YEAH!!! - June 23

I am so glade your kept your baby you did the right thing!!! Your baby should not have to go through that!!! GOOD JOB!! best of luck!! Hey not that is any of my business but what did ur boyfriend say?


Allison - June 25

Y.G.G! you -go-girl tou made a brave choice! I'm only 5 weeks but I have never thought about an abortion, everyone deserves a chance at life.


bbg729 - January 13

I just looked up this statistic, and you are 100% wrong. The chances that her child will become a teen parent is 22% higher than any other Mom. It will all depend on how she raises her child, or if the child will be raised by someone else.


rachelmcquire - June 3

Being a mom is a big responsibility and that too in your teenage is a tough job. Because in this age you on your own are going through hormonal and behaviourial changes. Anyhow, if you have decided to raise the child, then you are really a very brave girl and will manage somehow. Best of luck with your pregnancy.


mommybot - May 27

lesley I am the proud mother of a 9 year old daughter who was born when i was 16 years old she turned out just fine she gets straight as she is perfect and beautiful and well taken care of that is a offensive way of thinking and very close minded.



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