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Angie - December 15

Hi I just have a few concerns. A couple days ago, my boyfriend and I were "messing around" he put his p__s in, and we had s_x for just a couple of seconds. (Without a condom) When he took it out I would start giving him a hand job. Then we repeated this for a while till he "got off" which it didn't take very long, only about 5 minutes. Whenever he got off it got all over my stomach and I was just worried if somehow the semen got into my va___a. I don't think it did, but I just worry alot. We have done stuff like this numerous times before. I heard that there have been a few cases where girls have gotten pregnant from prec_m..then I have heard that is just a myth. It is about time for me to start my period this month and I'm just confused if i'm getting mixed signs. Last month I started my period on the 16th, and today is the 15th. My br___ts are sore, and I have been eating more that usual. I usually feel these symptoms before I start my period anyway. Also, I have had a lot of gas...ugh. I have read that sometimes happens when you're pregnant. Can someone please explain all of this? Thanks.


addy - December 15

I'm 17 and actually I am pregnant. 7 months to be exact with a boy. I didn't ever use condoms but then again he never "pulled out" I was always thinking I was pregnant or could be. The fact actually didn't scare me but now that I am pregnant alot scares me. For every teenager out there you need to ask yourself if I had a baby tommorow could I take of him and myself. Most answers would be NO!! I don't think you should sweat that you might be pregnant to much first of all you have 12hrs. out of a month that you can concieve and also the normal couples don't become pregnant until after a year of having straight s_x. Thats when I got pregnant and we had s_x everyday if not 2 or 3 times a day at least once. So don't stress so much and if you are not pregnant maybe the scare of the thought will make you want to use protection or go to a health center and be put on birth control and your parents won't even have to know that you are on them. If thats why your not taking them. and also you can get pregnant off of prec_m actually prec_m has more "little swimmers" than actual orgasm.


Kristen - December 15

you can get pregnant in less then a year. i got pregnant within the first 2 month of being with my son's father and we didn't do it ever day only once in awhile. and i accully got pregnant 4 months after i lost my virginity and there is about a 5 day period in which you can get pregnant which usully starts about 14 days after the first day of your period. so addy i don't know where you got your info but its not true. i know all this because i've been tring to get pregnant again and have been looking into alot of things and reading alot so that i have the best chance to get pregnant. And to you Angie if you do miss your period go and get a test done. If you are not and if you don't want to have a baby anytime soon please consider getting on birth control or using some kind of protection and the one thing that is true that addy said is that you can get pregnant from pre c_m. so "pull out" method is not really much of protection/birth control. if you get on birth control then you will not have to go through the decition on if you want to have a baby, if you want to keep, if you want to give it up. for some women that is a real hard decition expecally when you are a teen and still in school and scared of what your parents will think. but its not the end of the world. i was 18 when my son was born (17 when i got pregnant). he was born on labor day weekend at the begaining of my senior year. I choose to keep him there was no way i could give him up and there is no way i could ever get an abortion. so i went through my whole senior year with an baby. he is now 2 and i love him to death and if i where to go back 3 years to when i got pregnant i would not change a thing. he is one of the greatest things in my life. If you turn out to be pregnant and you need someone that is supportive to talk to you can email me at [email protected] feel free to email me if you have any questions at all. Best of Luck to you.


T - December 16

It is definitely possible, that's how I got pregnant with my youngest. Since then my husband got the old snip-a-roo! Condoms aren't a lot of fun, but they're better than a life sentence of debt and stress. And yes, I know a lot of you girls out there think that everything is great having a baby, etc., but it can really screw up your credit and that makes it hard to give your baby everything you wish you could. Anyway, chances are it's all in your head, but go to a clinic if you skip your period and get checked out. God Bless.


Jeff - January 10

why do I keep reading about people thinking there is more sperm in prec_m than an actual ejactulation. Dont be retarded. That's just stupid.



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