Seventeen And Wondering If Pregnant Need Help Please

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lil_liv_23 - January 29

Hi, I'm seventeen and I'm not sure if I am pregnant. I had unprotected s_x three times in the space of four days (my first times of s_x) with my boyfriend, using the withdrawal method. I had band headaches about 4 days after having s_x and then I got my period about a week later after having the s_x though but then about 4 days after my period had finished I had blood spotting on my underwear. Could my period have been implantation bleeding and the other blood spotting? My boyfriend is aware of the situation and we are not worrying, whatever happens we will be happy with. I don't understand all of this stuff and I need some help. Thank you :)


amanda17 - January 29

If you had your period than no you aren't pregnant. Spotting after your period is totally normal. A lot of times a period doesn't just stop dead in it's tracks, it kinda fades off. 4 days after intercourse is WAY too early to be having symptoms. Your egg probably hadn't even implanted by then. Your ovulation day is 14 days before your expected period. You need to get on some real birth control. The pull out method does not work (I got pregnant from it). Use at least two forms of birth control because I can't tell you how often it can fail. Get on the pill or an iud, and use condoms. Condoms are especially important because you don't want to be getting any STD's. Good luck.


V9653 - January 30

What Amanda said is completely true. Also, since this is the start of becoming intimate with your boyfriend, you are going to have very deep feelings, some are hormone based, like feeling okay with whatever the outcome. You must understand that those are hormones and nature talking. S_x really is for making a baby, and your hormones will tell you anything to get that job done. No matter how in love you feel, or how close and safe you feel with him, having a REAL pregnancy scare or seeing a positive on a test will shock you out of those feelings, it will bring you back to reality and you will feel completely different, so don't be tricked because the reality is waaaayyy different than the fantasy. Be smart and don't take a chance. Respect yourself, and make your boyfriend show you some long-term commitment before becoming so relaxed with the idea of pregnancy. Also, sometimes when a girl first starts having s_x, her body may change, causing her period to change a bit.



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