Sex Babies Are For After Marriage

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Johanna - September 2

I am on this forum because I wanted to give my opinion about all this after I heard some girls at school talking about this forum. By the way, I am 17 & graduate from high school this upcoming spring. I have already been accepted to a college w/a full ride scholarship. I am also still a virgin by choice not appearance-- I have had alot of boyfriends (jocks & academics). Here goes: Sex and babies are for after marriage. Marriage comes after you find someone and fall in love. I have not had s_x because I love and respect myself enough to know that I want a man to love and respect me also before I give myself to him. A man will show his love and respect by committing to me through marriage. Babies are made out of that love for each other. As a teenager we really don't know what love is yet. Life is confusing enough at this age without adding the confusion of s_x and babies into the picture. My current boyfriend is 19, in college near where I live, and not a virgin. We are now engaged to be married but he has accepted that I will not have s_x with him until we are married. He loves my sense of commitment to myself and my self control! Anyway, he regrets having s_x previously because he was just doing it for the pleasure and experience. He indicated that he did not love the girl and knew prior to having s_x that the relationship would never go beyond high school. I do realize this is more common than not with both s_xes. I am not giving advise. I am merely stating my opinion. No need to reply.


Bailey - September 1

I wish you would have posted sooner. I regret having s_x cuz now I am pregnant. Everything is different now and it is my own fault but I will deal. Wishing I were still a virgin.


Zoe - September 1

Also glad to be a virgin still. Thanks for your post.


Sam+Bump - September 1

Hey-i totaly respect your opinion-ive had s_x with 2 different guys-the first i really do regret having s_x with and i have said that ever since.The second who i was with a little longer than the first i really did feel like i loved him and he loved me-anyway i fell pregnant (i am now 7 months pregnant)-and we have split up about 7-8 weeks ago (he was going with another woman while he was with me and while i was pregnant)-i was really hurt because i never thought he could ever do that to me but i was proven wrong..anyway ill get to the point..even though i am now going to be a single mum(with the help of my family of course) i do not regret having s_x with him and i would'nt change the way anything has turned out-even tho my baby is not yet in the world i love him/her more than life itself. I do think though that you are doing the right thing,waiting til you are married to have s_x.I know not alot of women/girls say this but i honestly dont think i will ever want to get married,its just not really something i would like to do-so instead of me saying im going to wait til im married to have s_x again-i know for sure that i am going to wait til i am in a stable relationship with someone i can trust fully,love and loves me back before i have s_x with them.


LaTasha - September 1

Sam+bump sorry to hear about the guys in your life splitting. It is good you have the support of your family. I sure you will do right by your baby. I am no longer a virgin like yourself. However, I do regret my decision to have s_x big time! My guy not only got me preg. but gave me VD. I thought I was in love too but now I realize I wasn't. I am gonna wait to have s_x again until I am married. Good luck w/your baby.


Katie - September 1

i agree with most of what you have said, however i never intend on getting married because, what's a ring and a piece of paper. it's all an excuse for a party. However i do intend on having a child on day in the far future when i am ready even if i never find the one.


Bunny - September 1

I think you have a great outlook Johanna. Kudos to your mother! She raised a very intelligent and self-aware young woman. I wish more teenagers were like you. God bless.


Mark - September 1



Elaine - September 1

Very well written. You should be an inspiration to every teenage girl. Congrats on your engagement! :)


Soon to be mom... - September 1

I was 19 when I had my first s_xual experience and of course I thought I was in love. I am now 26, happily married, and expecting my first child. The man I am married to was not my first s_xual experience and how I wish he would have been. My first experience was awkward and total not what I "had dreamed it would be". Now that I am wiser and married to the man of my dreams the s_xual relationship is everything I dreamed of and more!!. There is so much more to making love than s_x and I really did not realize that as a teenager. Anyway, my point is I applaud you Johanna for having the conviction to stay a virgin until you are married. You are sincerely wise beyond your years.


Ty - September 1

You have a good head on your shoulders.


Bri - September 1

Praise you! Your comments are well received. Thank you.


Ajax - September 1

You BF is cheating on you


Bo - September 1

Ajax- This young lady should be praised for her self-confidence and beauty within not subjected to your ridiculous comment. I am confident that her boyfriend is not cheating on her and she should not worry about such nonsense. When people are truly in love their is a level of respect and commitment that goes along with it. There are many men that are willing to wait on the female if that love exists. I was one of those men and did not push my now wife. She was a virgin when we married (I was not) and I never cheated on her. **********************Johanna- You Go Girl!!!....


Ty - September 1

Not every guy cheats.


Diddi - September 1

Why can't you all be this supportive of the pregnant girls? They just get called s___ts and whores for making 'mistakes'. I am sure this is a situation what most of these girls dream about at the moment and you have just rubbed their noses in it.


Sally - September 1

Diddi- Haven't you heard the saying if you can't do the time don't do the crime? Well, if you can't handle the negative comments that come w/teenage pregnancy you shouldn't be having s_x and taking that chance. For years people have been against teenage s_x and pregnancy. It is no different now. Girls like you could learn from this teenager I am sure.



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