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TRUTHFUL - November 21

Alright, lets start about Sex. Why would any one, being of a young age or older, would want to have s_x with many men? There are ones out there, that go from man to man, spreading their legs, and letting it be. Why put your self in that position? Girls wonder why there are many care less "guys" out in this world, but you should think about the acts that you take every day...that could be the reason why guys are so disrespecting towards females. Because women these days, don't have respect for themselves. I actually, know of a young girl, that just lost her virginity, but 5 months after that, encountered s_x with 21 DIFFERENT GUYS!. She tested for every STD out there, and luckily came back healthy and normal, but why put your self in that position like that? Yes, i know that it is something called "HORMONES", just like guys, girls have them too, but what about a nice cold shower and a box of ice cream? That could help as well. If you took these steps, instead of having s_x with any one that speaks sweet things to you, you would be set. Do you know how may ST D'S there is out there? There are too many to count. So just imagine, you taking a trip to the docs because your gentiles are irritated to find out you have a serious rash. Might not be death serious, but serious never the less. Imagine how "disgusting" you will feel. To know that out of that 30 sec. act, you had, you received a dirty std from these many men that encounter s_x with every girl that walks there way. If that "rash" doesn't get to you, think about the serious look on your Dr's. face when she says " you are HIV positive"! Just think of it this way, who-ever they have s_x with, YOU are having s_x with them too. Why are you encountering an act, that should be shared between two loved ones, if you are just taking advantage of this act? From s_x, there is a feeling of "disgust" (to those that are taking s_x in a diff way), possable chance of contracting an STD... but there is a chance of pregnancy as well. Why do that to yourselves? WHY?! You are having s_x with many guys out in this world, that do not care about you, just care about sticking there man hood in your hole, to find out you are going to have a baby by this man, or that man. Why? Why not wait until you are ready, mentally, physically, and emotionally to have s_x, think about the chances of contracting an std, or receiving a POSITIVE on a pregnancy test, but to know that you don't have to worry, to know that you are having s_x with your loved one, that will not put your health in jeopardy at the slightest? You all, are doing such vial things to your body, just for a 30 sec act? You need to share this experience that you are having with these many guys, with that one special person. That special person will come. To those who wait! What you are doing to yourselves, is not showing anything but how much of an easy hoe you are! By doing this, no one will care about you. They will look at you in disgust, just like you feel deep inside about your self!


TRUTHFUL - November 21

Yea, what i have to say is long, and yes, you all might of herd this before, but i believe that the ones that are carelessly encountering such acts, should read this as much as they can to completely comprehend!


Ashley - November 21

I agree with truthful. I waited until I was 19 to have s_x. And then continued to have s_x with people that didn't really love me. And I regret it. Now I'm 25 and i just got married 3 months ago to a man I am so deeply in love with. Now I wish to God I wouldn've waited to give that special first time to my now husband. I regret every act I ever participated in . I guarantee that you girls will feel the same later in your lives. Later you will think about the guy you are with now whom you feel you really love and think God I was stupid. But at young ages -love is soooo intense and you think its the real thing. but its not. And you'll all realize that when you grow up. You never look back and think, boy i'm glad I had s_x with that guy I barely knew at that party when I was 15 or whatever age. So think about it. And try to be safer and smarter.


me - November 22

I know that this is pretty long but if you could, take the time to read!


lil - November 22

Give me a box of chocolates, a good DVD, a comfy sofa and a manicure set anyday! More satisfying then any useless bloke I've ever known!


hi - November 22

unfortunately, for some young women it is a way for them to feel loved, it provides self esteem, and a sense of worth. I know it is crazy, but these are the issues that are dealt with for many who seek help with their behavior. Many women make it to there mid 20's and start to regret their encounters with other men. Especially when they find that special someone. It takes a while to have a teen understand because they haven't completed the cognitive development they need in order to see these things. That development doesn't happen till early twenties, that is why it is so hard rationalizing things we see as simple to them, its why they don't "get it."


ameigh - November 22

hello, i agree with truthful.. im really glad you wrote all of that, and this is pretty good place to put it. you know you should try to put that in the paper or something! ive only slept with one person and i dont plan on sleeping with anyone else until im married. i to wish i would have waited to give myself to my husband, but its to late and i hope that someone who hasnt had s_x before reads that, or even a girl who sleeps with alot of people, and they then choose to sleep with no one else unless its really special and there in love. or just wait till they marry truthful?... hope you dont mind if i copy what you said and maybe read it to a couple of my own friends who i think need to hear it :)


Student - November 23

Hey just to throw some info your way, just did a paper on the availability of abortion affecting how young girls view their s_xuality and found out that 25.3% of s_xually active teenage girls reported that they are depressed all, most, or a lot of the time. 14.3 percent say they have attempted suicide. A whopping 63% of s_xually active teens, male and female, say they wish they had waited to have s_x. This was by the National Longitudinal Survey of Adolescent Health. The list goes on. I may bring more later!


author to post - November 23

I know allot of girls that are having s_x for the wrong reasons. Yes, it would be a good idea to wait until you are married( so that moment will be cherished for all ways) but more of that, wait until you find a good man(for girls). I, myself, lost my virginity at the age of 12( more of a force). I woudl want to say, i regret it, but then again i dont because that "mistac" has made me so atttenive on what is going on around me, and just over all, made me who i am today. S_x, is a plesurable thing, that is for certin, no one can debate with that, but if you are doing it for the wrong reasons, it is not worth it. You are involved in an act, with some random guy, that after hes done with you, hel trhough you to the crip and start fresh, like if nothing has happend. To us girls, i must say for myself, when i had s_x that frist time, i will never forget it. Yes, i try and put it in the back of my head, but it is always there. I can never just erase it. I just wish all these young, careless girls, just good luck in life. In the end, having s_x with just any guy that walks your way, you will regret it and will put guilt on yourself. Learn from what i say. It will help you in the long run!



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