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condoms - December 1

Im doing a survey for my school about providing condoms in school. i want to know how many people think that condoms should be provided in highschools and maybe even middle schools. If you have an answer id really appreciate it. Thanks


Brittany - December 1

I think that abstinance should be taught first then say but if you choose not to abstain...heres condoms. I think they should be pa__sed out. Sometimes kids are scared to buy them and to at least have one, it's another protected person. Or keep them available in the nurses office or something.


YES - December 1

I'm a big believer that not only should condoms be given out, I also believe the school's should do more in educating students about s_x and std's. I know when I was in high school almost 20 years ago, we had some s_x ed but not enough. At that time people thought that if we talked about it or if we provide any type of birth control, then these kids will have s_x. That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Some kids will have s_x no matter what. They are having s_x and at a much younger age. I could never understand why this country is so scared to talk about s_x. I think the U.S has the highest teenage pregnancy rate. Condoms, if you're doing this for a school project, I would add some statistics about the pregnancy rate in the U.S, compared to the rest of the world, if you haven't already. I would also add why you think girls as young as 11, 12 are having s_x. The reason I said girls, is because boys s_xual desire is at an earlier age then girls. Good luck to you.


Brandi - December 1

I'm 23, still pretty young and I remember the s_x ed in my high school was a joke. I can't believe looking back now how many girls thought things like "you can't get pregnant if he pulls out or if you're on your period, ect." so I totally agree with getting better s_x ed. It's a really tricky issue with the condom in school debate however. The problem is, teens are having s_x and not having protection is not going to stop it. It's a big problem no matter where you are, big city or little hometown and unfortunately not all kids can talk to their parents about it. I got pregnant at 16, and although I have never regreted having my child, I wish that I could have delayed it a few years. So I guess I do feel that contraception should be available, probably in the bathroom or something so they are more likely to buy them. I hate to even think of my child getting condoms at school, but the issue is here so we have to deal with it. I don't feel it's about condoning it, it's just saying, okay kids are having s_x, do I want to close my eyes and hope it goes away, or do I want to protect my child from std's and pregnancy? Of course I feel that parents should have open dicussions with their kids about these issues, make their feelings known and let their kids know the consequences of these actions. Unprotected s_x will lead to trouble one way or the other. It's not a matter of "if" it will, it's a matter of "when".


ME - December 1

Yes, i truly beleive that espicay in high schools, condoms should be givein out. If their is any one scared to buy condoms, then they seriousaly, should not be encoutering s_x any way. I truly beleive, that s_x should be spent between to loved ones. But in this world today, s_x is an act of fun. Yea, s_x feels good, its pleasurable, but if you are encoutering it with someone that you love, s_x feels so much better. But never the less, yes, i belelive that schools, at the start of middle school, encourage youngers to abstain from s_x until they are truly ready, and if that is a dission they do not want to do, USE SOME TYPE OF BIRTH CONTROLL!


CAROL - December 1

I'm sure I'm going to be branded as a pervert for saying this, but I think parents need to let their kids know that it's OKAY to masturbate. Teens have strong s_xual urges, and instead of having s_x to release them, they should have their parents blessing to deal with them via masturbation. But, again, parents are too afraid and ashamed of their s_xual children to have these talks with them...


dellarae - December 1

masterbation is disgusting. i'd never do that. youre off your rocker on this one carol. i dont hate you i'm just sayin!


also yes - December 1

Not only should school provide condoms.They should have a partnership with a doctor that they could come to the school and give birth control to girls at no cost or parents consent.As far as s_x ed,every two years you should have to take a nine week course on it from seventh grade on.With up to date accurate information.Masterbation is a personal choice but there is nothing wrong with it.Carol you must be one h__y s_x driven girl.And your not a typocal teen.


Natalie - December 1

considering that they know that people as young as 10 are now having s_x, they should make it so the condoms are avaliable, maybe not handing them out in every lesson lol, but just making it so they can acess them


CAROL - December 1

Masturbation isn't disgusting. It's great. It releases tension, it feels good... without risks of gettiing pregnant or s_xually transmitted diseases. It's the att_tude taken of it being "disgusting" that can drive people to have s_x instead.


Natalie - December 1

masturbation is very much a taboo subject. well it is for women anyway, they dont talk about it so it is socially unacceptable. it has started to become more open with the markets for vibrators etc becoming increasingly popular, but its not a subject people know much about. however, saying that, most teenagers masturbate so carol your not off your rocker on this one. however, most will react negatively towards the suggestions because it is socially inacceptable


CAROL - December 1

I know. If people dealt with their s_xual urges by masturbating rather than having s_x, there would be fewer unplanned pregnancies, less drain on the government, less abortion, less disease. Masturbation is healthy and proactive, actually. What's wrong with making yourself feel good? Nothing. Peace.


soleil - December 1

agree with carol on this one about materbation and also agree with natalie's comment


to young for s_x - December 1

I agree with the whole masterbation thing but to be so h__y at 13/14/15 is the part thats not right.You shouldn't be thinking about s_x at that age.Especially that much.


CAROL - December 1

Why is it wrong to be horney and a younger teen? These days, girls often begin going through puberty before they are ten! Having these hormones flowing freely through your body causes one to entertain s_xual thoughts, feelings, etc. Whatever the age, masturbation is always a safe and reliable means to releasing s_xual tension. It's comments like that (13 is too young!) that continue to keep masturbation taboo.


Judith - December 1

For a lot of women, masterbation and s_x are not interchangeable. They both make you feel good, but with different feelings. A lot of women do both, because many women can't reach orgasm from intercourse alone. There's nothing wrong with masturbation...teenage girls make fun of it, but older women joke about it to each other. It's a good way to learn about your body, especially before you're ready to have a s_xual relationship with someone. If you know what pleases you, then when you're in a relationship with a man, you can teach him how to make you feel good...because believe me, men are not born knowing how to please a woman. For the original question, I think condoms should be given out at school. I also think parents need to take more responsibility in educating their children about s_x. There are a lot of parents who think telling their kids "s_x is bad, don't do it" is enough of a talk about s_x...and then they're shocked when their daughter gets pregnant, or their son impregnates someone.


jody - December 1

I do believe 13 is to young to have s_x control your life but I can't change that.Anywayit is good for young girls to figure out what they like also they might be less likely to experance with boys.



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