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Karen - March 14

Can you get pregnant if you have unprotected s_x the day before your period


Tay - March 15

yes you can get pregnant because two weeks before your period you ovulate


Kari - March 15

Yes you can. It is not as risky as having s_x during ovulation but the risk is still there. If you wanna avoid it, don't have unprotected s_x.


Grandpa Viv - March 15

The egg is no longer viable 2 days after ovulation. Menses occurs 14 days after ovulation. If you don't ovulate on schedule you would have a problem. Always be in the habit of using a condom for STD protection.


Liz - March 22

Yes. [email protected]


latrice - April 4

I think it is very possible in some cases because some people ovulate 7 days before there period and some ovulate 7 days after there period


SAM - May 7



Aurelia - May 7

sure as hell you can.


Brandon - May 12

Let's take an example. A hypothetical "average" woman has a 28 day menstrual cycle. The first day of her period is considered "Day 1" of her menstrual cycle. She ovulates on day 14 of that cycle. She starts menstruating on day 23. During her menstruation (days 23-28), this woman has the virtually no chance of conception. Menstruation occurs when the egg released in the previous month's cycle does not get fertilized. Then the lining that would sustain a pregnancy is shed. No egg, no place to put the egg, no conception.


Summer - May 12

You could but it is unlikely since most of the women ovulate on 14 days after your period so one day before your period comes considered as a safe time but there's a chance .. it depends on your cycle and when you ovulate...


angie - July 13

is it safe to have s_x with in 5 days of finishing my period


derick - July 19

men i having the a relative problem what can i do ? we have s_x before her ovulation now it is delayed over a week but its protected s_x


frank - July 26

yes. actuallly your first period its a sign or fertiliced egg.


Lisha - September 28

Yes I do believe so because ovulation has already begin and the egg is basically almost sitting there waiting to be kissed by a sperm



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