Sex So Young

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Angel - March 22

I know this thing is here for support and stuff but i need to say this. What the h__l is your problems. You guys are between the ages of 12 and 17 who are saying you're pregnant and may not know who the father is. You guys are to young to even be thinking about s_x. Havent you heard of STDs and AIDS that can kill you. You are little kids yourself and NOT ready or capable of raising a kid at 13 years of age. This is freaking rediculous have you guys heard of KEEPING YOUR FREAKING LEGS SHUT and not acting like shelfish little hoes and whores. I am sorry but this is really discusting. My little sister is 13 and if she ever had s_x with a guy that young, my sister wouldnt see the light of day again. Where the heck are your parents? I will be 19 in april and my boyfriend/fiance is 26. I have been with him since i was 15 and he was like 22. We did not have s_x until Janurary and we just found out i am pregnant. It is hard enough for me to deal with it. I mean seriously, you children are too young to have your own. stop being so shelfish!


maya - March 22

ur right and people probably come on here and start something but ur right. if my niece had s_x before 18 i will kill her and get her a therpist


becca - March 23

in england 16 is the legal age to have s_x whats if for u i dont actually c the problem with 15 year old having s_x because there nearly 16 any way i think if u love the person your with then it nice to share that really special something with them and your never forgat it well that was i didany way


susan - March 23

I disagree. Noone should have a child that young


rae - March 23

ok i agree on the s_x issue, but the thing you all dont realize is its an issue that by picking on these girls and calling them names isnt going to solve... so maybe if you wanna give them some insight being older and in the same situation many of them, try it from a mentoring standpoint and stop with the catty remarks. theyre uncalled for and useless...


Mommy2Kylie - March 23

I know who my daughters father is, infact, Im still with him *gasp* isn't that hard to believe? Don't come here and tell a bunch of girls they're selfish when you don't know the story, you're just a__suming. This IS a support forum, if all you can do is judge and a__sume, then don't come here.


IDK - March 23

Idk if my post had anything to do with it, but my i'm 17 and my fiance is 19... we didn't plan it, not quite sure how it happened. I think your post is a little not worth putting up here. The younger girls on here already made the mistake they can't go back in time, get over it and wish them the best. What's it matter to you.


Angel - March 24

OK Mommy2kylie why dont you look at what i wrote in the first sentence.......I know this is support but there is also the first amendment freedom of speech so i am going to speak my d__n opinion wether you like it or not!


Susan - March 24

And it's pretty said that you people cannot handle the Gods honest truth. Its immoral to have s_x so young and have a child


bump - September 23




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