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Reason - August 19

I've read alot of threads lately and not one person metions s_xually transmitted diseases. All I read is "shit, I think I'm pregnant". Does nobody care any more that not using condoms can also lead to disease, not just pregnancy? If you have s_x without a condom, I bet your life every other person the boy has had s_x with he didn't use a condom then either. If you sleep around (or have s_x with someone else who sleeps around) you will end up getting caught out sooner or later. Please think about s_xually transmitted diseases! Some of them can go undetected for years and can cause infertility. Also AIDS is more common in heteros_xual s_x than homos_xual s_x now. THINK! THINK! THINK!


I agree... - August 13

I completely agree with you. I'm not a teenager, I'm 26 and 11 wks preg. and well educated about STD's. Teens (everyone in fact) needs to understand how easy it is to get an STD. I have never been one to sleep around and I've always been careful about s_x and have always been religious about getting tested if I was thinking about being with a new partner. And guess what, even I found out I had Chlamydia! I was shocked. My doc told me that approx. 65% of people will contract Chlamydia in their lifetime. I was just thankful I caught it early and luckily, it is one of the easily treated STD's. (it is no worse than treating strep throat for example). From experience, I can safely say that all it takes is one STD scare to really open your eyes about everything. I was shaking in fear and in tears when I went in for the results of my HIV test. I was sure if I had somehow exposed myself to Chlamydia I surely had exposed myself to HIV as well. What teens don't seem to understand is that pregnancy may be a horrible thing for most of them and change their life forever, there are options with being pregnant. (you pro-life people don't like to face it), but an teen DOES have the option for abortion, or if that's not an option for them personally, adoption is always available. With things like Herpes, Warts or god forbit, HIV, there is NO options available. HIV is a death sentence...period.


Wood Nymph - August 16

Yeah, I agree....but remember. This is a pregnancy forum, so there's gonna be more talk about pregnancy than STD's.


Jane - August 16

I so agree with you,even if you are in a monogamous relationship you need to use a condom unless you know that your partner is 100% faithful, i unfortunately made the mistake of thinking it could never happen to me, my ex that i hade been seeing for 4 years went on a ski trip came back and 3 days later i developed these sore open lesions around by v____al opening, went to the dr and found out i had herpes, this is not cureable i take medicine everyday to prevent breakouts, i married now to a different man who is 100% faithful, so please be careful, not only is it embara__sing, it is painful...


Katie - August 16

Of course wer're bothered


me - August 16

well said dude. i hate to think of the amount of girls and boys out there who are riddled with an std and dont know it and are just pa__sing it onto other people.


Sabrina - August 18

well you see i've only had s_x with one person thats my boyfriend of a year, and im 14 weeks pregnant and we love eachother and we had s_x with no condom....but he's also wasn't s___tty before we got together he only had s_x with one girl before we got together.


brittany - August 18

im currently 16 and 19 weeks pregnant..and most of your worries about stds after your pregnant are gone when you recieve the right ob/gyn care because of all the tests and pap smears and exams they do on you to make sure you cant pa__s anything onto the baby. "If you have s_x without a condom, i bet your life every other person the boy has had s_x with he didnt use a condom either"...i resent that comment. My boyfriend and I were together a while before we decided to have unprotected s_x..we talked about the consequences and every aspect of "what if". I was the first girl my boyfriend had not used a condom with. Just because you and your partner choose to have unprotected s_x doesnt mean that he has done that with every girl before you.. Ps: you can get an std from other things besides s_x, its a very common can get it from simply coming into contact with someone and touching any bodily fluid from them and then transmit it to yourself... to the poster I AGREE... what mostly all teens who are pregnant do understand is that we made a mistake, but i mean what do you want us to do..kill ourselves. we know that it is going to change our life, and every aspect of anything after that..but we made the choices and now must face the not be so rude. I am pro-choice and when i found out i was pregnant i was going to have an abortion at my stepfathers office (thats what he does for a living) but was too far along..i wish that those of you who throw the option of abortion around could see what my stepfather does everyday.. And pregnant teens have enough worries of their own about stds and other things of the sort without you stating things that possible diseases (from more things than just unprotected s_x) are death sentences..thanks for that comment im sure it eased every pregnant teens mind out there..



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