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halley - November 4

I was just wondering if guys still find women attractive and s_xy when they are pregnant. My boyfriend broke up with me and I feel "lonely" and feel I need a man for a little while. I'm 6.5 months. Should I even try to find a guy to date?


Melissa - November 4

I am a__suming you ex boyfriend is the father of your baby,,,,,,,but anyways, if you are thinking about dating it would probably be best that is is strictley for fun. With a baby on the you being hormonal and lonely) you dont want to go jumping into something else too fast. Just take some "me" time and figure out what you really want to do...and it will give you time to bond with the baby without other interferences.Thats just my opinion. Bringing a baby into the world is a huge event and you dont need to confuse yourself getting into relationships with other men...take it easy for awhile.Take care!


halley - November 6

I'm afraid I won't have time to date after the baby is born. Plus now I don't have to worry about getting pregnant if I mess around so I would prefer to do it now.


Jami - November 7

hey halley.. i feel for you.. its hard enough to feel s_xy while you're getting bigger and feeling lonely on top of that is even harder.... from what i have noticed, a lot of guys find pregnant females to be very attractive. and who's to say you wouldn't even find someone who really likes you and is even willing to be there for you AND your baby after he or she is born.. One of my good friends was pregnant with twins and her boyfriend dumped her.. Now she has twin girls, and a boyfriend that loves her and both her girls like they were his own... But you just have to think about what is good for you. If you feel you just need some booty and dont want to get into a relationship, just make sure that's clear. i bet a lot of guys would actually to happy to hear that lol just make sure whatever happens is right for you :) good luck girl


Ashley - November 7

I really don't think so. That's pretty much what happend with my boyfriend, & he wanted another gf. True love my a__s.. but anyways, just focus on the baby for now, that's pretty much all that matters. I'm 36 weeks pregnant, & after trying to find a guy to date, i realized they arent worth it. Really.


lisa - November 7

yes go for it cause at the end of the day the baby needs a father not just a mom plus just cause your a mom doesnt mean ur not beautiful lol


- November 7


April - November 7

actually... I know a few guys who are turned on by pregnant women... hahaha.. I wouldn't go messing around while you're pregnant though, because you could get an STD and that would really mess your baby up... there's a reason they test for those sorts of things at dr. appts. remember... 1 in 4 people have an STD.


oh my - November 7

you need a life preg and want a boyfriend you baby had better be stonge willed and have a mind of its own if not they are gonna grow up like mommy and thats not a pretty site teenager what the hell goes through your heads beside not a dam thing



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