Shame On You

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A - July 6

For those of you who are being hostile towards one another or making comments in very bad taste, there is only one thing to say: shame on every single one of you. There are people out there who use this site because they are concerned for their s_xual health- by going on the internet and asking questions about their health they ARE being responsible, regardless of their age or situation. I know that this site has probably saved quite a few people from a world of worry- it might be you next time. So before you criticize others for whatever situation they might be in, regardless as to whether or not it is in fact their own fault, think that next time you could be the scared one looking for an answer. By making a mockery of those who take their s_xual health and bodies seriously, you are no better than a 12 year old who caught herself in an unfortunate situation. I hope for you the best of luck, and that you NEVER have a serious question about something that could seriously affect the rest of your life.


B - July 6

A agree 100%


Little Sister - July 6

Way to go.


To A: - July 6

You rock. It's about time someone said something.


ok - July 6

whatever!!!! close your legs hoe!!!


ha!!! - July 6

oh, my gosh, everyone has an opinion ,if you don't like it don't ask!!! not everyone is going to agree!!! deal with it its real life!!!


KT - July 6



A - July 6

point proven. and taken.


funny. - July 6

so let me ask a question. To all the girls who think "yes just another teen mommy" and are being not so nice to everyone else... why are you on this site? what's going on with you that made you come onto a teen pregnancy forum?


hey - July 6

i came to see how messed up this world is!!!! and to help, but you get girls who want babies at 12 and 13, and also i'm 27, very financially set, and am expecting, and i go to all the diffrent sites!! soo there you go miss high and mighty!!


hey there how do ya do? - July 6

ok there does seem to be quite a bit of people on this site who give their age as 12 or 13 and a story about how they got raped or pregnant...maybe it's just people lookin for a laugh. That is unfortunate to read about- but what if, and this is all I'm saying, what if there is a 12 year old girl who's not lying? who did get raped? I'm not speaking out against anyone who came onto the site to help- like you, "hey", I'm glad you wanted to. My point was, if your a pregnant teenager who had unsafe s_x and what not, and came onto a site lookin for answers, then make fun of someone in the same situation as you...i mean come on. yeah it's not right that there are very young girls on here, but what if it's not entirely their faults? I meant no offense to people who are 27, financially secure and wanted to help.


why? - July 6

what ever happened to proper english? I can't understand HALF of the things said on this forum.


I agree with HA - July 6

It doesn't matter what someone does or what someone says, people will always have an opinion no matter what. If you are asking for someones opinion and you take criticism then you shouldn't be asking in the first place. Obviously not everyone is going to agree on the same thing. Especially some of the posts in this section they are ridiculous.


To A - July 6




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