Shave Or Trimming It Back

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Linda - May 16

Im 38 weeks pregnant and I got a question about shaving, see my problem is that my pubic hair is a foot long and im scared to death that it will get in my way during delivery. Should I just shave it off or trim it back?


vickie - May 16

just trim it i guess.... :o)


Right. - May 16

I hope you're being sarcastic with the whole 'foot long thing.' Bleh. Anyways... I guess just trim it, THEN shave it since it's 'soo long.'


kim - June 22

I think it helps to shave it before delivery to help prevent infection. They'll probably do that when you get to the hospital, but deal with it however you like for now


lol - June 22

lol oh my god y'alls comments are so funny. sorry i dunno what to do, i just read this and started laughing. thats a good question though..maybe i will think about that before i deliver (nov.28)


none - June 22

the hospital does it for you


Steph - June 22

Actually, not all hospitals do it for you. That is something that was done a long time ago and now each hospital has their own rules and regulations. Most women will shave and you look neat and tidy when you are giving birth.


LOL - June 22



to lmao - June 22

me too


Samson - June 27

deffenetly trim it becaus it might choke the baby on it's way out


LMAaaaao - June 28



diamond7926 - April 21

LMAO @ Heather---more like leglock! Where in the world do they shave your pubic hair??? I'm going to that hospital!!


Evonna - April 21

I'm over here dying from yalls responses, yall are suppose to help the young lady, not make jokes. Linda, i suggest you trim it, you are 38 weeks which there is no way you can fully shave it. Just trim it so it isn't so long so the baby can smoothly come out without all that extra hair blocking the poor baby's way out. I hope that your pubic hair isn't a foot long and you were being sarcastic. If it is, how da hell did you let it get that long?


Evonna - April 21

LMAO @ what samson said!


Corrine321 - April 21

OMG!! i really hope its not that long!! please tell me your kidding!! but anyway, all you could really do is trim it! god, i really hope ur being sarcastic!!


Evonna - April 22

sorry i had to come back to this topic again, this is just too funny..


quinnies_mommy - April 22

I love these replies!



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