She Woke Up Pregnant Help

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Brianne - September 10

My girlfriend Brittany (16) is in real trouble and I want to offer her some advice because she is going out of her head. Brittany and her boyfriend Jimmie have been dating about 3 months but have not had s_x nor did they plan to -- that's at least according to her. Well, about two month ago, Brittany was over Jimmie's house for a barbeque and ended up consuming a lot of beer (there was a keg at the party and other drinks too). Both of them were slightly bombed and past out upstairs in Jimmie's attic for a few hours (taking a nap). Well, Brittany claims that the next thing she remembers is waking up naked with her arms around Jimmie. Brittany then said that the two of them basically just laughed it off and neither of them remembered anything, etc. According to Brittany, neither she or Jimmie remember exactly what happened while they were sleeping. Well, Brittany was late and took a home test and she is now preg but has not seen a doctor. She is scared to tell Jimmie and her family because she thinks they will call her a s___t. Brittany had s_x one time when she was 14 but used a condom -- that's what she told me before. Anyway, Brittany keeps saying that she and Jimmie decided not to have s_x until they were at least out of high school. Now, Brittany is an absolute wreck and wants to get an abortion without telling her parents or Jimmie. She keeps saying that Jimmie doesn't remember having s_x and she doesn't either but now she is preg. Frankly, I think this is the best thing for her but I'm nervous about telling her that. I also have my doubts about the story but she swears of a stack of bibles that they both woke up without remembering what happened. I want to know if anyone else had a similar circ_mstance and maybe I can pass on the messages to her -- does anyone else not remember having s_x and ending up preg? I don't know how Brittany feels or even if she's telling the whole truth but if she is, I don't know what I would do either. Any suggestions


Viv - September 9

Jimmie slipped Brittany a mickey. Read tells what happens with date rape drugs. He's probably laughing like a drain right now, and I bet he has bragged on it to half his friends. If Brittany doesn't expose him, he will be doing it to others. There is another post a few days ago by a 17 year old who ended up in exactly the same situation at a party thrown by her brother. She is thinking to have the baby and go to adoption. Find that other post, have Brittany show it to her mother and say "can you believe this", then break the news. Lots of luck. Brittany has all our sympathy. Come back and let us know what happens.


H - September 9

It's very important that she talks about this with Jimmy. He may have been lying when he said he 'didn't remember anything' about that drunken night. Tell her to talk to her parents too, if she feels comfortable with that. Abortion can be really traumatic, and it'll be easier to figure out what really happened that night (as in, does Jimmy really 'not remember', or is he lying) than getting an abortion.


Viv - September 9

While it is entirely possible for a woman to be impregnated and not know, I don't believe any male can have s_x with a woman and not know. That much alcohol would render him uninterested and/or impotent. Anyway, she woke up a few hours later, and we hear no story of a horrendous hangover. Brittany needs to see a doctor or a prenatal clinic to start prenatal care. She also needs to go over in her mind exactly what drinks she had that day, and whether one of them was out of her sight long enough for someone to have doctored it. Ladies, pour your own drinks and watch them like a hawk!


THIS IS FAKE!! - September 9



Viv - September 9

There is one other possibility which would make Jimmie's story true. Someone else could have fixed both their drinks, come and made hay with her, stripped them both naked and put them in each others' arms. Only a paternity test will tell. I would be interested to know what adults (none?), older boys (and girls) were present and what they were doing when the couple went upstairs and whether they were still around when they came downstairs.


Shay - September 10 is possible to consume so much alcohal that you cant remember what has happend. a paternity test will tell who fathered the baby if she decides to keep it! she really needs to think long and hard about her decision because she may have regrets after she has aborted her child.


Viv - September 10

That other post I was talking about came back to the top of this list "Worried and Possibly Pregnant". Some of the details in the present story make me wonder if it is true, but even if it is some kid's fantasy, it is worrying and worth commenting upon.



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