Shes 16 I M 21 Help Me With This Please

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James - October 6

My fiances 16 and she is pregnant... I am 21 and the cops told her mom she cant be in the same household as me but the cops told my parents she could spend the night just not in the same bed I need to find out which one is true please...!!!!!


- October 6

because she under age, her mother could charge u for rape, s_x with a minor. now that she pregnant theres now way around it. but she could place her baby for adoption, she dont have to tell who the father is. but good luck, being a teen mom is hard


... - October 6

I just hope you get arrested!!!


a - October 6

what state do u live in? 16 is legal in some states u should find out b/c if shes under age her mom could get u in a lot of trouble


Lisa - October 6

Depends on the laws in your state. I live in Australia and the legal age of consent is 16 in all states. Find out the legal age of consent in your state. If the legal age is 16, then they are unable to take any action against you


lauren - October 6

well i live in th euk an its legal im 16 an with a 21yr old man an nothing can be done to hin .....


hannah - October 6

im glad that u r sticking by her. if its illegal to have s_x and get married at 16 then how can they possibly say u cant sleep in the same bed as her? its obvious that every one knows ur the dad right? so try to prove that u r responsible enuf to take care of herand ur child. save up money, get a better job etc. and just for the record u hav done nothing wrong. u care about this girl any one can see that. please dont try to make her have an abortion because its a decision u will both regret ur entire life! it cud very easily get in between u andher and split u up. if u live in the uk then u'll b ok. surly u'll have had it drummed into ur head since u started high school what age is legal. good luck, pleaselet me know how u get on. hannahxxx


March_Mommy06 - October 6

Hey. Here, legal age is 18. Being that you are 21, you don't have any rights to this child at all. Not unless she choses for you to. As for legal stuff, yeah, you more than likely could end up in jail for Statutory Rape. And be a s_xual predator for the rest of your life! I know this because my babys dad (who will not be involved) is 22. Good luck though!


JJ - October 8

U MUST BE AMERICAN cuz in england 16 is legal, but from what i here is alligel to have undreage s_x. well it depends if yall gone have the baby, and then the circ_mstances will either differ. but id u love her and that then u have to take responablity ok. i widh u the happiness


My answer - October 8

If the police are already involved... you would be wise to NOT stay the night in your girlfriends house or have her stay in yours. If someone decided to press charges for statutory rape, you would have a hard time explaining the "staying in the same house, but in different beds" theory. You also have legal rights to the baby when it's born. There is no reason you shouldn't be able to see and be involved with your son or daughter (as long as you keep your nose clean between now and the birth). That leads us back to the rape issue: having to register as a s_x offender will pretty much ruin your chances of getting visitation with your child.



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