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need2know - April 29

I was wondering: Should I get pregnant at 14?? i am wondering what you guys think. I want to get pregnant really bad. If i did get pregnant the baby would have a wonderful life. Please some1 help me!!


Daphne - April 29

No, I don't think you should get pregnant. I know how you feel, I too want a little boy/girl of my own; however, I'm 18. I think you should wait a while before having a child. Do you know that the baby would have a wonderful life. Do you live on your own or with your parents? Do you have a guy that loves and cares for you and would stick with you? Do you have what it takes to emotionally and financially support the child? I personally think you should wait, but I know how you feel so if you want to talk you can contact me [email protected] I know your want and urge for a child but are you sure your ready for everything it entails. My boyfriend and I think we are but we want to wait and just make sure before we jump and try to have a child. I think you should wait to make sure you are ready as well.


need2know - April 29

I live with my parents. I have no bf yet but i am going to find one. Yes i have what it takes emotionally and financially. Do you have msn messenger??


berly - April 29

oh hun I would love to talk to you I have instant messenger if you want my name email me @ [email protected] and I will give it to you. I am 21 and 19 weeks pg and I was like you at 14 and honey let me tell you me and my bf who is 26 are struggling. Please sweetie savor being a child and just wait it will happen when the time is right.


Daphne - April 29

Sorry I don't have msn messanger right now. I do have Y! but I would prefer not to give that out on here, but if you e-mail me i would be willing to give it to you. :)


need2know - April 29

Daphne i emailed you. Did you get it??


Daphne - April 29

Sorry, was taking a quick compy break, will check it now :)


Daphne - April 29

Okay, I replied you should have it now! :) Just add me whenever I should be on for a while...


katie - April 30

im 14 and pregnant and i cant to b a mom and stuff but i wud say wait....


bump - May 3



Mizzy17 - May 3

I am almost 17 and me and my fiance are working towards having a baby.But he wants to race and have me travel across the world with him.If we have a child the press would be all over me like a hawk when we went to marathons and tournaments.I would love that but when Im pregnant I think I would look bad.But we are still going to try..


Audrey - May 3

need2know- I suggest you wait a few years and finish school first. Having a baby very early in life can make finishing your education and finding work very difficult. Plus at 14 your body is still developing so a pregnancy would be hard and painful. Live life first and find the right person before starting a family.


katie - May 3

yea i agree with Audrey...wait a only 14 and i hav had an awful pregnancy...i have been in and out of hospital like a yoyo...and its no fun...course i cant wait to hav my baby girl and i dnt regret any of it but plz wait a while and get a gd education and hav anuff money to support u baby..and find the rite guy tht will stay with like mine did u and not abandon u because off ur pregnancy take care and think about it okies xxx katie


To Mizzy17 - May 3

hahaha!!! good luck!! you're gonna need it if you think you can do that with a baby!!!!!


Why - May 3

Why are the kids on here so god d__n stupid...


Daisy Jean - May 3

It isn't fair to expect your parents to pay for your baby- they haven't chosen this. Wouldn't you like to have a loving husband and a good education first. It is so much nicer to have everyone looking forward to the new little person than to dread it- you don't want everyone to think of your baby as the maistake you made. I understand accidents happen, but planning a baby at fourteen isn't fair to anyone- the baby, yourself, or your parents. Please wait.


need2know - May 4

Will labor hurt more if i do get pregnant?? i was planning on having a homebirth una__sisted.



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