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Louise - August 19

I am 19yrs old, i have been with my lesbian partner for just over three years. She recently asked me to marry her and i said yes we were very happy until recently when she asked me to consider having s_x with her brother so we could start a familly. She is infertile and desperate to start a familly, and i would like to as well some day. i love her and desperatly want to give her what she wants but i do feel as if i'm to young to start a familly. Should i even consider sleeping with her brother?


Katie - August 15

with her BROTHER shes a sick b___h


brucen - August 15

You should discuss your feelings with her. If you feel you are not ready to be a parent, she should be understanding of this. Good luck!


Shorty - August 15

I think thats a bad idea dude, I am not against you guys wanting to start a family, but having s_x with her brother is just not the way to go. Have you thought of someone to donate sperm?Plus if you think you are too young to have akid, its okay to tell her that and wait. One thing I am unsure of, is why would she want you to have s_x with some guy to get pregnant? To me that just seems really wrong... but then again, I am not gay, nor in your situation, I guess you gotta do whats right for you. Good luck with it.


Katie - August 15

I don't think you should do it. You are still only 19 years old. There's is plenty of time for kids. You said yourself you feel too young, so don't do it just to please somebody else. I know you love your girlfriend and you want to fulfill her wish, but there is no rush and you are the one that would have to have s_x (X amount of times untill it worked), carry the child and give birth. If you split up, you would be left holding the baby. And with her brother? That's not right! I think that if a time comes when you BOTH feel you would really like a baby, then the best option is to either adopt or get a sperm donation. Good luck.


brucen - August 16

A sperm donation from the brother is not a bad idea. Her partner may want to have a baby that is related to her as well.


cakes - August 16

How old is your partner? 19 is awfully young to start a family, i am 26 and i would be happy if i was pregnant but don't know if i am ready. Also, if you are planning on marrying her, it will be a big adjustment just being married, i have been married for almost a year, and it takes a while to get used to it, it is an adjustment, i just don't want you to get pregnant and married at the same time, then something happen and it be too much for one of you to handle and end up ruining you relationship, talk to your partner, if she loves you she will understand...


Cat - August 16

Maybe she wants to start a familly so early because she knows that she can't have children and since you've agreed to marry her she thinks your ready to give her a child. She obviously wants the child to be much a part of her as it would be you, and thats why shes asking you to have s_x with her brother. You difinatley need to discuss this further with her to make sure shes asking you to do this for the right reasons.


SaRaH - August 16

I think that if yall are planning to start a family someone else should be the sperm donor. Just think~ my uncle is my dad and my aunt is my step mom! That is HORRIBLE!!!


Anon - August 16

All in all you cant have your partner's brothers baby. It would be her niece/ nephew. So if you talk about it, and want to end up having a baby, Find another person not related to either of you, or discuss getting pregnant by other means.


brucen - August 16

So what about your mother/ sister donating an egg to you because you can't have children? Your "daughter" is really your sister/neice. Louise get out the turkey baster and GOOD LUCK!


CATHERINE - August 17



Louise - August 18

Thanx for your posts peeps. I've decided not to go ahead with it, there's no way i'm ready to have a child. And dispite her resons for it i'm startring to think that asking me to sleep with her brother was a little bit perverted. Even though i found out the other day that her brother and agreed to helping her out in that way over a year ago! Maybe in the future we will have a child together but i'm certainly not up for her brother being the dad


Me - August 18

Good for you Louise! I hope your girlfriend isn'y just trying to use you as a baby machine, it sounds as though she really wants to have a baby if she tried the same thing a year ago. Don't have a baby unless YOU are ready. Good luck.


brucen - August 18

ME--get over yourself


Katie - August 18

What is your problem brucen? Grow up!


brucen - August 18

Katie--free thinking and refusal to be one of the herd--come to mind. You should try it!



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