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c - October 17

Im 16 and my boyfriend is 19. Im going to be 17 in nov. He`s 20 in march. He`s older so he is ready to have kids. I always wanted to have a kid with him. But I knew i couldnt so young. We started going out when i was 12-13. We`ve been together for like 3 1/2 years. He says he wants to have a baby and i do very much too. School isnt a problem. I would finish but you know how some girls are like that they cant go to dances and stuff because of their baby....well i dont go to those. I dont go to anything. And i wouldnt leave my baby just to go to a dance. It would be with me all the time. If i would go baby comes with. Thats how i am. Im not the type that likes to party and stuff. I never been to one ever. If i had a baby i would be a good mom and be there for them all the time. So i know how some girls are like 13 and just want one for fun but i really do. I did when i was 13 too and i have matured from that. Im so glad i didnt. But i am so ready now. I just want to know if it would be a bad thing or wrong thing to do from someone that did that same thing? We would be fine with everything....clothes, food, toys, diapers.....i would have so much help with that. I probably wouldnt even have to buy most of it because i know my boyfriends mom would do alot for me. And my mom would too. Just not as much. So i was just wondering what i should tell him or do because i know i would of had like 2 kids already at his age. And if i wait even more i would know how he would feel if he still didnt have a kid at 22 or 23. He isnt that type that goes out partying either. Thats why im glad i have him. We would be great parents. Just asking for advice.


Ideas for you - October 17

If you guys think that you are ready for parenthood, you should wait until you get out of high school and live together/get married. Finishing school should be your number one priority at the moment, as you are only 16. If he truly loves you and you love him, then you would wait a few more years...time is not going to hurt anything and you may learn things about yourselves that you did not know...Trust me, you learn new things all the time once you are married and living together. Anyways, do things now and the next few years that you can't do if you have a child, such as travelling. It's a lot of fun with a child, but it's a lot more difficult, especially when they are little. I wish I would have done the same thing....I had my daughter when I was 20, pregnant at 19, and I did not get to experience a lot of things that my friends did and jelously can set in at times. I never got to go to Europe, which I have always wanted to do, nor take any spontanous trips etc. You have a good twenty years before you can't have children anymore so don't hurry into being a's a lifetime choice, which I know you know, but it is not something to take lightly just because the two of you want a baby. You should really think about your choice to have a child or not, because once you get pregnant there's no turning back no matter which option you choose. Please just be a teen and have fun!!



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