Should I Be Trying For A Baby

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Amaria - November 22

I know you are gonna think Im stupid but here goes. Im 16 and my boyfriend is 33 yrs older than me and weve been together 4 months. My parents dont know about him, they would probably kill us both if they knew. We've always been close and I do love him but just lately hes been saying he wants to get me pregnant and he wants to tie me up and stuff when were in bed, and some other stuff Id rather not say cos its rude. Should I try these things and try for a baby? I dont know if Im ready for either but I dont wanna lose him


omfg - November 22



Chances are.... - November 22

OK, you dont want to lose him? Do you want to take the chance of losing him AND raising a child on your own. Dont be stupid girl. Let him find someone else. You dont need to have a baby, you are still a baby yourself, no offense, but you cant even vote!


CSC - November 22

What the hell is a 49 yr old doing with a 16 yr old????? And from the way you describe what he wants to do he is totally taking advantage of you and being a pervy old b___d


unknown - November 22

i enjoy being tied up and have kinky s_x its a change and very fun youshould try it if you love him i think its kinda wierd being with a man that much older than you but your choice still as for the pregnancy thing you shold defenetly wait because if you end up prego you have to tell your parents then they will inturn meet the father which will not bve a good thing seeing how he is so much older than you your parents could put him in jail, is that what you want? just wait hunny until the time is right. if he truly loves you he will wait to.


Lisa - November 22

oh geeeze.. pedophiles should be hung by their b___s. this post makes me feel ill


T - November 22

Amaria - Sweetheart I wouldn't try for a baby with him. You've only been with him four months and there is a major age gap between you two. If you want to try for a baby with him why haven't you told your parents? If you was pregnant they would certainly find out eventually and meet your boyfriend then. It would be a horrible situation. Your 16 sweetie. I really dont think this is the right thing for you to do. I dont blame you not wanting or being ready for kinky s_x. Not everyone is into that. Some people find it disgusting while others find it great and different from the "norm." If you aren't ready for this then you definitely aren't ready for a baby hun. Trust me on this. Why haven't you told your parents about him? If hes told you not to tell them then hes probably trying to be controlling. Have you had s_x with him yet? Are you sure your in love with him hun and dont just love him? Love and being in love and two very different things. The age gap between you two can be a major problem. But a lot of age gaps betwenn partners work out fine. But what Im concerned about is that your 16 and he's 49. A man of that age cau cause problems and he may try to control you. You wont know hes doing it but it will be subtle. So subtle you wont notice and will think hes being helpful. Ive seen it before hun. Becareful and think very very hard about whether you want to be with this man in 18years from now. I would tell your parents to. They might be angry with you slightly but they'll be glad you've told them so they can help you. One last thing, having s_x, kinky s_x or trying for a baby because you dont want to lose him are not the reasons for this hun. For any of this. I really dont think this is the right guy for you. One more thing you should think about - in 15years time he'll be nearly drawing his pension. Do you want this? I know at 16 I wanted an older boyfriend but not one with a large age gap. I now you feel good about yourself and something special when you have a guy interested in you. When you have an older guy interested. But there is a gut instinct telling you this isn't right. But a lot of the time this instinct is ignored and leads to heartbreak among other things. Follow this instinct hun and tell your parents.


Amaria - November 22

Thanks for the responses. To be honest I dont think he actually wants a baby he just wants me to be pregnant he said he thought it was 'h__y' ? I dont feel comfortable with it and definitely dont feel comfortable with the type of s_x he likes. OK Ill say it. At first it was ok but the other night he was really rough. I did consent and didn't tell him to stop because I wanted to please him. He made me feel quite dirty. I was lied on my front and he was on top of me with all his weight and doing it from behind with his hand over my mouth and calling me names like s___t and whore and it did hurt cos he is quite big and he hurt my b___bs by squeezing them. He orders p___n films that act out rape situations and stuff and says it turns him on but said he wouldnt rape me or anyone. The thing is he's perfect in every other way and treats me like a lady and I do have overpowering feelings. I dont feel in any danger but in the bedroom he wants to treat me like a hooker. Maybe I shouldnt be here because it isnt really about pregnancy, its just I didnt know where to get advice. Im so confused now. I just couldnt tell my parents about all this. What if they think I really am a whore?


McM - November 23



Wylie - November 23

OMG you are acting like a total ho!


unknown - November 23

hunny thats not exactly what i meant by kinky s_x if a guy ever called me names like that id just get up and leave. you shold tell him exactly how you fell and how you want o be treated in bed. they should still be gentle and respects your needs. don't tell your parents though it sould put him in jail if you reallylove him. i do find your age dif a little odd though. and don't have a baby at your age please!


razmine - November 23

i don't think your ready for that yat . if he leaves theres more guys in the wourld he is to old anyway. so if u do tat u won't like it,


T - November 24

Amaria - He sounds like one of them guys who enjoys having s_x with pregnant women. He doesn't want a baby with you as a sign of commitment, love and respect. He wants a baby with you cause he will find it a ma__sive turn on for him s_xually. Whats he going to do if you do become pregnant and cant have s_x because of the doctors orders? He'll probably still have s_x with you or sleep with someone else. Hun I know your probably thinking he wont do this. But he probably will. Hes way too old for you. If you like older guys go out with someone whos 19 or 20. But not much older than that. I know if you was my daughter I would want to know you was in a relationship with someone. Your parents dont need to know the details of your relationship or your boyfriends age. But letting them know you are seeing someone will be okay. They'd rather find out from you that someone else. A friend, or a family friend may see your one day and tell your parents they saw you hanging around with an older guy. Your parents wont be too chuffed hearing about your relationship from someone else. They'd prefer to hear about it from you. Babe I wouldn't have s_x with him again. Test him. Abstain from s_x and see if hes so loving when you say no or you aren't in the mood. If he keeps kissing you are trying to initiate s_x with you or " get you going" whenever your with him then you know whats hes after hun. I've had a guy like that myself. A lot of middle aged guys find it exciting and something to brag about when they have a younger girlfriend. But a lot of teenage girls are too afraid to tell their parents or friends about him. Possibly because their ashamed or just dont want the ha__sle that comes with it. Either way I would finish with him. You really dont need a guy like this. Listen to your intuition hun. If you have a tiny bit of doubt in your mind or a gut feeling then you walk. You dont need him. Especially a guy who finds a pregnant womean a ma__sive turn on. Im sorry for saying this and sounding very harsh. I just want you to understand. I know its hard to take in and to beleive. But you dont need him. Honestly. You dont.


carmen - November 24

hey my mane is carmen and i am trying to have a baby too but my boyfriend just truned 20 and i do know how you feel because you want to know if you are ready and stuff but your boyfriend is really old and doesn't he make you feel wird when he tell you he want to tie you up and stuff?: or do you like it ? i think that if you really like the man and if you are really really in love that you should but i would wait just a bit to see how it all turns out with him cuz in a while you may not like him anymore or you may meet someone yunger and like them better just be care full and make sure you are going to spend a lot of you life with him cuz then your baby will always have a daddy and that is very important well good luck with what ever you do!!!


carmen - November 24

ok i just read the other one and i really think that its not right i mean if his calling you names and stuff you should not be with him at all what if one day you did say no what if he didn't care and just rarept you i think that you should not be with him there are so many other guys that would treat you like a lady too and they would not be like that at all i am sure that if you ever did say not to him that he would not care at all well i hope everything goes good for you and if you ever need to talk my e-mail is [email protected]


gorgeous - November 26

omg plz dnt he is jus using u no matter how he puts it 2 u or no matter ow much he loves u plz do not do it its not worth da ha__sal if ur mums not gonna b happy wid u goin out wid him owz she gonna accept dat u r avin a baby wid him aswell 11 sweetie plz dnt!! xxxx


k - November 27

i dont mean to be rude but thats makes him 49 and he wants to tie u up im sorry but that is sick he could be ur grandfather u may think ur in love but u need to get out of there u could get anyone out there its a big world u dnt need him and dnt have kids not yet u dnt seem ready to have a baby with him im sorry if i was mean but thats how i feel bout it



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