Should I Get Preganat Beacuse My Boyfriend Want A Baby

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Amaiya - December 14

Hi! I'm Amaiya.Ever since I was 14 I have wanted a baby. I was preganant once but lost the baby because I was fighting people who didnt want me to have a baby from this certain boy.But now I go with this boy Freddie I really love him and he says he really lovesme too. He also says that he wants a baby from me but he already has one.I'm 16 am he's 19.I want to really have a baby so bad. so should i go ahead and give him wahat he wants. He has a job and I'm geting a job and an apartment close to where he stays. Should i wait then


najeba - December 14

do what you feel if its love then its all good


Kristina - December 14

yes you should wait until the day that you ready and you think that what you was doing was right.....having a baby is harder than you think it better if you wait until you finish what you were doing.....make the right decision before its too late to go back....okay....


Jade - December 14

If you really do love him you shouldnt, he could get in a ton of trouble. I know. Just a little age difference is enough in a jury for a conviction. My fiance is 20,and im almost 18. I understand the desire for a child. I lost one, but just wait a little longer. He'll understand if he loves you too.


yvette - December 14

i think that u should wait because wat if u get pregnant and then he leaves u? u should just wait till u guys r together.


martha - December 14

you should go ahead and wait i agree with yvette


Stephanie - December 14

hey Amaiya, im 17 i know where your coming from. i just want to give you something to think about ok? your only 16 hes only 19. lets say you decide to have a baby and you do. what happens a few years down the road when not saying it will happen but if you guys dont love each other anymore and decide to break up. its hard not to be with the father of your child. and thats not the best thing to do to a child


nike - December 14

yes if it's really what you want i felt the same way. he told me that to and when we had the baby every thing was fine.but don't do it if you know things would be different from me


bosten - December 14

i agree with stephanie every thing dont come out the way you want it to


Erika - December 14

Hell Knaw, kids aint nothing to play with.



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