Should I Get Pregnant At 15

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Leighwright - June 30

I am 15 and my boyfriend is 18 we have had two pregnancy scares already and we are thinking about having a baby. I know this sound stupid but please try to understand where we are coming from. I understand that there will be many things I will have to give up and my boyfriend does too. We have been discussing this for 5 months and are ready to go through with it. If someone could please give me some advice other than don't get pregnant you're too young!


Grandpa Viv - June 30

Evolution prepared young women for their first pregnancy about your age, and in those days life expectancy was maybe 45 years. Civilization has complicated things by making it advisable to resist that urge. Your children will have a better life experience if you wait until you both have a decent education, a combined salary of $40,000/yr and a roof over your heads. If you have been having pregnancy scares the chances are you need to improve your contraceptive practices - use two methods together e.g. condom and v____al spermicide or get on hormone birth control and follow the regimen strictly. GL!


Leighwright - July 1

Thanks but that's not really the type of advice I am looking for I am well aware of birth control and condoms.


Grandpa Viv - July 3

So why don't you sit down together and work out a budget. Rental, utilities, transportation, health insurance, food, cable, phone, diapers, doctors, clothes and set that against after-tax income. You may be able to include some government support in terms of public housing, Medicaid, etc. If ends don't meet and you find you are going to depend on parents for some a__sistance, in all fairness you should get their approval as part of the decision. Best of luck!


Leighwright - July 5

We already did that and we are pretty set to go thank you for the advice!



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