Should I Go Home Kinda Long

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BouncingBabyBoy - October 5

So my boyfriend wanted a baby shower for his first born son. No biggie for me! I love baby showers! So it is planned for tomorrow at 3. Today we were going to go pick up his mom from upstate. Well she made a surprise arrival to our house monday night...days before our shower. His mom and I have issues with each other. When she is playing with my daughter she will say "Avery, go to Melissa" Instead of "Avery go to mommy." So monday night at 6:30 she shows up. I am annoyed by the fact that she is there. Well she was holding Avery and I was in the kitchen cooking dinner and she walked into the kitchen and said "MElissa I am going to pay for you to go to parenting classes." I looked at her, refraining from smacking her. The ONLY reason I didn't hit her was because she was holding my child. So I asked her why, and she replied with. "So you can learn how to take care of a baby. I don't want you hurting my grandbabies, like your mother use to hurt you." I completely lost it. I started yelling at her. I told her I am nothing like my mother and I would NEVER hit my children. My BF came into see what was going on so I told him. So instead of telling his mom, that I would never hurt them, he said. "She is just looking out for the babies." I got mad and left taking a change of clothes with me. I went to a hotel and stayed there. I haven't seen Avery since Monday night and I miss her like crazy, but I don't want to go home and be around him or his mother. Even though his mom went over to stay with his sister, I am still angry at him. What should I do?


inuk-mama - October 5

go home to your baby. It is your house and kick her out, tell her she isn't welcome. But GO HOME!!!! You are trying to punish bf's mother but only hurting your daughter. GL


BouncingBabyBoy - October 5

I am going to go home to see Avery. I just don't know what will happen between me and her dad


ChattyKathy - October 5

That is his mother. He loves you both and its not fair for him to be put in the middle. Granted, he shouldn't be such an idiot and automatically take her side, but he is blinded. That is the woman who raised him. To insult her is to insult him. Sort of a parallelled argument, isn't it? Leave him out of it, go take care of your babies, and don't welcome her into your home until she can respect you. If he can't live with that THEN perhaps you should take your daughter and leave for a bit.


BouncingBabyBoy - October 5

Thanks guys.


KiyanisMummy - October 8

omg...i would have lost it dare she di-respect you like that in your own house??? and u've seemed to have done fine with avery so what the hell is her problem?? anyway....if you havent already, go home 2 Avery and tell his mother she's isnt welcome back til she respects you. and if u have been home how did it all go???



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