Should I Have An Abortion

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Katie - July 23

im 16 and pregnant. i dont no wheter to have a abortion or keep the baby. my parents would kill me if they found out i was pregnant, i think this is the only reson i want to have it aborted. the dad said he wil be there for me whatever i choose to do! someone help me!


Kayse - July 23

Katie hun getting an abortion is all up to you ...if your going to have one make sure your comfortable doing it , i know how you feel kinda im 15 and if i got pregnant id probably want an abortion but my parents said they wouldnt let me and i couldnt even put it up for adoption but hun if you think thats what you need to do ....and another thing you need to find out the laws of abortions because sometimes you have to be 18 to get an abortion without consent and with you being 16 you might not be able to......but anyway just do what you feel is best im not gonna lecture you whats right and wrong like those god d__n bible sellers lol but just follow your heart and do what you think is best dont listen to all these ppl saying ohhh dont do that to ur baby and blah blah do what you want to do im not saying abortion is the only way but if you decide to keep it then im congratulating you!=) goodluck hun and do what you think is the right thing


- July 23

to katie, i dont think that u should have a abortion, u should tell ur parents have the baby and then place it for adoption. best of luck to u


Grandpa Viv - July 23

You will probably find out in the long run your parents will be there for you more than the dad. See if there is any help for you at http://www.ppowb/gv/tell.htm and good luck!


Em - July 23

I suppose this is your decision but I would advise against an abortion. Personally I think its morrally wrong and completely against god and mercy. Also, there are many emotional problems that can affect you after abortion.


missy - July 23

either way your parents will find out if you or your parents can support the baby dont but if you dont feel your ready and want to make sure of future than do it it all depends on you hunn if you and this guy plan on getting married and staying to gether than keep your baby but if theres no futre it may be hard


Vickie - July 24

hey katie. You need to think really about this hard, im 15 and in febuary i foundout i waspregnant, i was in a right mess! But abortion isnt the only answer...although it is for some girls. you need to ask yourself could you cope after having an abortion? What would your parents actually say to you? Are you ready to look after a baby? And is the dad really going to be supportive? then again there is always adoption, apart from keeping your child it hink adoption (esp. open adoption) is a good idea for girls who aren't ready to look after a baby. But u need to ask yourself these questions, but please dont have an abortion just because u dont know what else to do. plz tell your parents they will understand no matter how bad it seems, i thought my dad would kill me! i really did, and he was angry and yelled at me to terminate my baby, but now hes a pround grandfather-to-be, its weird how they react, because their little girl is suddenly having s_x and is in a really adult them we were playing with barbies last week then we end up pregnant! Your best option is to talk to your parents and if they aren't supportive, there are phonlines and websites that can help. if u wanna talk my email is [email protected] Good luck hunny!! xx


KT - July 24

it's your choice, only you can decide whats best for you. ignorant people on this site will tell you not to terminate, but they have no idea what it entails to have a child and raise it properly. they are not the ones who are going to have to live with the financial and emotional commitment it takes. i would suggest having professional counselling before you make up your mind first


~kat~ - July 24

no i dont think you should get an abortion,apart from me being totally against it,you even said yourself that you think the only reason you are thinking about it is because of what you parents will say and you will regret it.good luck


Audrey - July 25

Katie- You have to think hard about how a baby will affect your future. Ask yourself these questions. 1) Having a baby is painful and expensive. Are you physically, emotionally, and financially prepared for a child? 2) Will you be able to finish school or get a job with a baby in the picture? 3) Will the baby's father stick around and support you? 4) Do you think your parents will be supportive of you if you keep it? 5) Can you accept the fact that you won't be able to go out anywhere without taking the baby? Above all, don't let anyone force you into a decision that you aren't prepared to make. Best of luck!


Tiffany - July 25

Katie, Please for gods sake, DONT have an abortion.. especially if its for the selfish reason for being too scared to tell your parents. If you feel you are too young to have a baby at this point in your life, give that baby a chance to live and the least you could do is give your baby to a family who can not have children. My husband and I so very badly want a child and it is not possible for us to conceive one. When hearing people say they are going to abort a baby, especially from where I am coming from, it sickens me. Give that baby to people who would love it and give it a life it deserves. It is not that babys fault. Im sure babies can feel the pain of abortion. They are living things. Please rethink your decision and tell your parents.


nicole - August 17

PLEASE DONT!!!! i cant have kids and every time someone wants to take the life from their child it tears me up! i would lovingly take in your child! please give the baby a chance to live! if you need a home for your child my husband and i will take it. please contact me a.s.a.p. [email protected]


amy - August 17

omg. please dont get abortion. telling your parents isnt the hardest thing in the world!! a babys life is not something you should just throw away because your scared to tell your parents. im 15, and the dad isnt there for me one bit!. i dont have a job. and i live alone with my mom. yes some parents get mad. because your still a kid yourself. but really. telling your parents is NOT that hard! go threw with adoption! if you cant take care of it. or your parents dont want you to have a kid this early. but dont kill it =(.


<<<>>> - August 17



anon - August 23

there have been new recent studies on abortion and they have concluded that (contrary to belief) that a fetus cannot feel pain until the 3rd trimester. the outcome of the study indicated that the cerebral cortex needs to be 'activated' in order to feel pain. this doesn't happen until after the 20th week of pregnancy. fewer that 2% of abortions are performed after this time.


To anon - August 23

did they ask the fetus if it felt anything? doctors don't know everything. they just like to believe they do. And pull naive people such as yourself into their beliefs. I was ill for three years . doctors could not figure out what was wrong with me. I discovered the problem on my own and cured myself of a very serious illness that was so simple to fix.


anon - August 23

i didn't say they knew everything...the study has been ongoing for years and they have finally concluded this information. i guess negative people would rather feel opposed to the belief. in fact the study says that a fetus doesn't feel pain until the final weeks of pregnancy.



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