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angelboo89 - February 5

please dont judge me. i got an abortion the other day i was 7 1/2 weeks, and i was in bed all day yesterday and i went to class today and came back home and just kinda stayed in bed. im starting to feel really sick, my stomach hurts so bad n i feel like throwing up and my cousin says i have a fever. im still in bed i dont feel like moving im on my laptop and i was looking on google and found this site. my stomach hurts so bad i can barely walk. and idk. i didt think i would feel sick like this.


durante baby - February 5

weather you ask for it or not you will get juged on this subject. Just dont take offence to it and ignore all the negitive. Going to cla__s today was probably a little too soon, you may have just rawled up some aches and pains. Hormone changes from your hg levels dropping are most likely causeing the nausa and abortion is and induced miscarriage, and being one who has suffered through two miscarriages. All your symptoms come with the trauma. Weather you really wanted to do it or not. It was your dissision and is already done, so dont stress about it, because Im sure you are. Just relax and take it easy.....I dont know if the dr prescribed you any, but ask for some bc pills. Not just for birth control (eventhough you should be on something now) but because bc helps heal the uterus.


Malica - February 6

Surely your doctor informed you about the possible complications of this procedure and when you should call them or what is normal. Of course it was not going to be a painless procedure. But fever is usually a sign of infection. Take your temperature properly and contact your doctor immediately if you do indeed have a fever.


ChattyKathy - February 6

If you have a fever you need to call your doctor. As Malica said, It can be a sign of infection. The amount of pain you're experiencing, however, does sound normal. You should have given yourself a few more days to rest instead of going back to school. Take tylenol and rest.


kay101 - February 6

I do believe you're supposed to take off work/school for a week to let your body heal.



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