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fed up of lack of compassion - November 9

I am sick of seeing all these people saying they are sick of people asking "am i preg?" "could i be preg?" I thought this was a site people could come to for advice, alot of the girls on this forum especially are young and get very scared by it all and just want some opinions and i think they just need someone to say , "yes its possible u should get a test" or "no dont stress" not people going on about how their questions are ridiculous etc. think back to when you were younger and back to your first s_xual experiences im sure you had some worries too.


misti - November 9

i think kids should also get more educated like looking it up or reading a book after all school does have s_x ed and some of them ask the same thing over again but i do agree with you to a point i think some ppl really do need help here is a site for the young ones


well - November 9

if u go to the q&a thing at the top, it has all the catagories. one of them specifically is for SINGS OF PREGNANCY. THIS ONE HERE IS SUPPOSED TO BE FOR ALREADY PREGNANT TEENS. THERE IS A WHOLE CATAGORY DEVOTED TO AM I PREGNANT QUESTIONS.


Brittany - November 10

so i guess the person that wrote this question is the same one that answered mine??well if you are,then i think you could just refer it to ME not go making a whole other post about it!


Brittany - November 10

AND HERES WHAT i WROTE YOU FROM THE OTHER POST,JUST IN CASE YOU DIDNT GET A CHANCE TO READ IT!To the TO:Brittany the forum is called,TEEN PREGNANCY,not DO YOU THINK YOUR PREGNANT!and YES i know people make mistakes and get pregnant with out knowing,but what i said is that someting is wrong if you dont know if you COULD be pregnant or not,and if they dont know then GO TO THE DOCTOR thats what there for!when they are pregnant THEN come here and ask questions,dont come on here everytime you KISS a boy and think your pregnant!and you have no right to tell me not to come on this forum,but you know what?its probabley the best thing to do because MOST of the teenagers on here dont even act like teenagers!so maybe ill go to another one were the people act a little more grown up and can actually realate to REAL questions that PREGNANT teens have!this site is supposed to help PREGNANT teens with there questions,TO MY KNOWLEDGE!NOT LITTLE KIDS THAT THINK THERE PREGNANT!!OOOH AND YOU WERENT TRYING TO BE A b****???WELL THEN WHY WERE YOU??and there is a 100% effective birth control NOT HAVING s_x!so bye bye!thats all i have to say


to Brittany - November 10

maybe you should just go away, brat!


Brittany - November 10

OH?im a "brat" because i say whats on my mind?SORRYY!!


zZzZzZ - November 10

who cares blah blah this is wasteful


fed up of lack of compa__sion - November 10

ACtually brittany im not that same person thankyou. and it wasnt just aimed at you, it was about everyone that says it. the world doesnt revolve around you!


T - November 10

God this is turning into a argument about girls asking pregnancy questions now. Personally I've got no problems with helping out teens of any age who think they may be pregnant, but like a lot of people, it is getting slightly "thin" when girls ask could they be pregnant because they've snogged their boyfriend. Any other question I dont have a problem with but questions like that make me want to head b___t a wall. Seriously it does. But like I've said I have NO problem helping anyway. It doesnt bother me. Im just a little bit concerned that young teens dont understand how pregnancy happens and how a child is conceived before they have s_x. Now that is worrying. :o)


nah - November 11

nah they're all just plain thick


Miss. Worried - November 11

I totally agree with who ever posted this! I tried to do one on contraception, just so young people have someone non-judgmental to talk to about this. There's too much abuse out there, but also lack of appretiation for their young bodies! They may be pregnant/think there pregnant, but they need to know seriously now what all this 'under age s_x' is doing to there bodies! I made a mistake when i was younger and now i can't have children, i just don't want all these young girls/boys ruining something so special! They need someone to talk to, some of these girls can't go and talk to their parents! If your a young girl on here, and your scared, the last thing you want is all these people ganging up on you! It will just scare you even more!


OMG - November 13

hey i have an idea: QUIT BEING WHORES!!!!! Then you wouldn' t be in the situation to begin with.


Bee - November 13

to OMG: I absolutely hate when people say things like that to girls: stop being whores! It's totally unfair because it's just as much the guy's fault as it is the girl's! It's okay for the teen guys in the world to have s_x, but it's not okay for the girls? That's a bunch of bull, if you ask me.


From OMG, to Bee - November 13

all i have to say is if girls would quit being whores then no teen boys would be having s_x unless its with each other. its not ok for boys to be having s_x either, fyi. everyone should wait until marriage.


yeah - November 13

abd no one should ever drink or smoke or do drugs or hurt people or quit school or run away or swear or watch violent movies or get abortions or give up their kids but guess what? IT HAPPENS!



what are u doing on this site then if you dont think any one should have s_x before marriage?it IS A TEEN PREGNANCY SITE!



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