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tessa - July 25

ok so my stomach has been killing me ever since me and my bf had s_x...we dont know wat to do...we r waiting to get a pregnacy test...but every time i eat something i feel like im going to throw up even if its one that a sign i could be pregnant? and wats the best pregnacy test...well...the most reliable...? btw im like 12 and im freaking out here cuz im like almost clueless when it comes to this...


me - July 25

Tessa - I'm not going to tell you you shouldn't be having s_x at such a young age because I'm sure you know that and me saying it wouldn't make the slightest difference right? Anyway, I will tell you that if it's just recently that you had s_x, your stomach probably hurts for some other reason. When did this happen? Did you use protection? If it happened a week or two ago, I'm not so sure. You can't get an accurate result on a pregnancy test, though, until the day you expect your period. If you test before that and get a negative, don't trust it until you have missed your period. I hope that helps. (Oh yeah and I've heard that digital tests aren't as accurate.)


Audrey - July 25

Tessa- How long ago did this happen? If it was less than 72 hours ago you can get the morning-after pill from a doctor or clinic. If not, it's as "me" said, you'll have to wait until you expect your regular period to show up to use a home pregnancy test. Most are reliable, although one that I hear mentioned most often is called Clear Blue.


Grandpa Viv - July 25

Tessa, that is not the standard set of signs we hear on this forum. There may be something else going on. First Response Early Result has been well reviewed as a pregnancy test, but since the pregnancy hormone doubles every few days, just waiting a little will get you a good result from a cheap test. There is nothing wrong with those at the Dollar Store ($4.00, probably under the cash register). For my money, I would wait until your period is a week late before testing. IM ppowb if you want to talk.



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