Silly Lil Kids

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sarah513 - January 5

what the point in having the teen pregnancy forum when all we get here are lil girls with "ummm im 12 and i had semi s_x", "ummm how do i get pregnant??" or "ummm can i get pregnant from dry s_x??" pregnancy really isnt a joke.. i wish that lil kids could just grow up. pregnancy is a great thing that shouldnt be made fun of. id like to see one of these lil 12 or 13 year olds push a 9 lb baby out... see how funny it is then...


very angry - January 5

im not bein funny sarah but this is a teen pregnancy forum so whats the problem about teens asking questions about pregnancy? isnt that the point??... you also said that pregnancy really isnt a joke..then u make a comment about liking to see a teenager push a baby out...i dont think thats very funny to be honest. I think your the one that really needs to grow up abit here.


K - January 5

They come here, ask their 'silly' questions, and then learn from the answers. At least they ask.


T - January 5

Where else are they supose to go?


Tabitha - January 5

they will never know the answers until they ask the questions no mater how silly or inane they may sound they are still questions that they feel they must ask so let them.


courtney - January 5

and u know what sarah....exactly what your talking about right now is getting worn out more then anything!!! alot more then the girls asking questions. your bewing very hypocritical, and i think u shoud keep your opinion to yourself!


krystal - January 5

i turned 15 one month before my daughter was born and she was 9 lbs 6 ozs and i had a natural child birth with only epidural...and it was not funny i bet you couldn't probably do that now!!!!!!!


Miranda - January 5

Write to your state education departments and beg them to give students COMPREHENSIVE s_x education. They come on here asking very basic questions, things they should know already from a basic science cla__s!


Keishia - January 11

well sarah, i was 13 and i pushed out a healthy 7 pound baby girl,when i found out i was pregnant i cried and cried,i wasn't like these girls on here,i was scared.after she was born i went back to school.I'm 17 now,still in school,working and got my own place and 10 weeks pregnant with my don't all teens take pregnancy for a joke,I know what its all about.


Natalie - January 11

Well for the 'silly kids' who end up pregnant at very young ages because they didn't have anyone to talk to, can they blame you? Don't make them feel unwanted here, because at the end of the day, alot of people don't get answers unless they ask, and some of them don't have anyone else to ask! Your comment on a 12/13 year old pushing a 9lb baby out, - THEY DON'T WANT TO, well most of them don't, that's why they are on here looking for advice, not someone with her knickers in a twist having a rant because shes fed up of seeing them on here. Don't like it, go somewhere else. They shouldn't have to!


to sarah - January 11

A stupid question is a question not asked!!! Why don't you try being a positive role model, instead of a whiny talk as if you have been around the block, maybe you should leave this way we don't have to hear a twit like you whine.


your right - January 11

YOU ARE ABSOULOUTY RIGHT SARAH513!!! These girls/boys, are just asking stupid questions. They are mocking teen pregnancy. THIS IS TURLY NOT A JOKE!


Lorriane - January 12

I 100% agree with everyone on here except for the one above me "your right" and ofcourse sarah513...if they didnt ask then how would they ever sure when u were young you didnt know everything like u think u know now, and im sure u asked alot of "stupid questions" when u were young.. if u think thier question is stupid then just dont answer them im sure someone more mature could understand that they're young and dont know and they'll answer the question someone maybe like good ole grandpa viv!! i love ya grandpa viv, thanx for the best advice!! :)


STUPID - January 12

I have a problem with the girls who come on here and are like "I'm 14, and my b___bs hurt, am I pregnant?" Well, gee, why don't I come over there, stick my hand inside you and feel for the baby?! How the hell are we supposed to know if your pregnant or not. Go to google, type in "symptoms of pregnancy" and if you have some symptoms buy a d__n test, pee on the stick, and wait for the line!! I'm sorry if this makes somebody "very angry" but those are STUPID questions. Especially since if the dug about two inches deep into this forum they would find 20 questions just like theirs and the answers would all be the same "how should we know?"


For Stupidand sarah513 - January 12

I am currently doing a project on teen pregnancies and realized that more and more younger teens are getting pregnant. Most teens in these situations are only looking for someone to talk to, not only just to look up the information they want to know. My little sister is around the age of 12 and I would much rather her ask questions than for her to end up pregnant. But this would obviously not happen (her comming to me) because most young girls are afraid to talk to their family members, or teachers, and so on. This is a teen pregnancy forum, this is where you ask questions. Why would you tell a young girl that they're dumb?They are 12 not 43 with all the answers. Besides it sounds to me like you're already an experiened mother sarah, why would you even waste your time on this site since you seem to know EVERYTHING. People like you are the reason that teen pregnancy is becoming more and more common. Grow up Sarah, don't punish these young girls for wanting info on s_x because your mad at yourself for your own mistakes.


ah! - January 12

Yes, Sarah is going out and having s_x with young girls and getting them pregnant, it's her fault that teen pregnancy is becoming more common. You're an idiot! and may I quote you? "This is a teen pregnancy forum, this is where you ask questions." Yes this is a teen PREGNANCY forum where people who are PREGNANT discuss things. Not a place where girls who are too stupid to buy a test go to ask whether or not their pregnant and giving us symptoms that they KNOW are pregnancy symptoms in the first place. Do you really think the girls who get on here and say "My periods late, my b___bs hurt and I'm nauseaus" don't know that those are symptoms?? They do know and they are just being stupid! so they need to TAKE A TEST it's as simple as that!


to ah! - January 12

I'm pretty sure I didn't say anything about sarah going out and getting young girls pregnant. These girls are talking about being scared of being pregnant. That is what the site is about. I am not an idiot for wanting others to help out young girls who (yes, were in fact stupid enough to have s_x so young) need help. She is 12 her symptoms may not be symptoms at all. Your b___bs hurt when they grow as well, and she could just be paranoid. Girls like that only need someone there to educate them on how stupid it is to have s_x so young, so they don't end up like half the girls on this site who have become pregnant so young.



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