Single Mom God I Hope Not

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tennesseewlkr07 - January 22

Since i found out i was pregnant kevin and i, have just gone down hill, we arnt even together right now and he is living with his parents right now. i just dont want ot be a single mom im so scared. i love him and i want him more than anthing he just dosent seem like he wants me anymore. since i have became pregnant my s_x drive has decreased significantly and its only because i get horrible cramps afterwards and im just terrified if im not giving it to him then he is going to go find someone else. im just scared and my hormones are going crazy i cant stop crying ,please help me get through this guys i dont have anyone else that can really help me


AmericanReject - January 22

well...i know it has to be rough when the father or your baby doesn't want to be with you...i think hes just a little overwhelmed right now..and i think it will turn out right in the end...but dont give him s_x just because he wants it....because that can bring your emotional states down....just be firm and try and explain that your emotions arent really going up and down like a roller coaster and your doing the best you can..but things are different because you are pregnant....and remember..things are tense right now..but i'm sure things are going to be okay...i'll be here if you need to talk


Grandpa Viv - January 22

Not cool. These are difficult times and you both need to understand that your emotions are as tight as a drum skin. Try to stay cheerful when you are together. Use your imagination to satisfy him s_xually - it can be done without penetration. You can straddle him and do the outercourse piece, for instance. Have him give you ma__sage and identify with the growing life in you - tell him it is half his. Above all, work him around to where he is in the delivery room and sees the delivery. That is a powerful moment that is guaranteed to make him bond with you and the baby. Good luck!


AyameLovesXion - January 22

Maybe you should tell him those feelings, and hopefully it's just that he's affraid right now. I don't know what else to say other than sitting him down, you both being calm, and talking about this to him, tell him you are scared and need his help etc. Good luck.


CAROL - January 23

Your boyfriend needs to get his head on straight. If getting s_x is his priority, that's just pathetic. He eneds to understand that there is a lot going on with you right now, and you may not feel like having s_x. Remind him that he has a hand, and certainly he knows how to put it to good use. Also, I'm guessing this was an unplanned pregnancy and that's hard on anyone, but especially young people. Understand that he's freaking out, too. Try to open a conversation with him about it without getting upset or angry. That may help.


tennesseewlkr07 - January 23

well we talked and he was kinf of like i dont want anything to do with you i will take care of the baby but i dont wanna be with you . and i was like well im going to just find someone else then .and he was like no one is going to want you now your pregnant and he only way you could get them anyways is to open up your legs, i hung up after that, god i hate men


CAROL - January 23

That's really disgusting of him to say that. I'm sorry that he is putting you through this. Have you two been together for a while or was this a new relationship?


tennesseewlkr07 - January 23

weve been together on and off for 2yrs


CAROL - January 23

Geez... 2 years. Why the sudden change of heart? Is he unhappy with the pregnancy?


tennesseewlkr07 - January 23

I thought that he was excited but now he just seems not to care


Grandpa Viv - January 23

Well, it's understanable that a guy goes into emotional shock and does weird things at this stage, but if he is going to be abusive like that, you are almost certainly better off without him. Consider your options a__suming he is not going to be part of the picture other than perhaps child support. Good luck!


tennesseewlkr07 - January 24

so he is with another girl now, and is threating to take the baby. . . JERk


AmericanReject - January 24

Oh hun i'm so sorry....please fight for your baby....i wish that you two could work it out..but if hes off with another women than hes not worth your fight for your not let him threaten you and try to take it away from you...he doesn't deserve it...


mummy2paris - January 24

What an arse hole!!!! So i no that you love him and your scared, but it he is gunna turn on you like this then its better you found out now and now you know you can do so much better and that you dont need him in your life. But he is the babys daddy and he does need to take responsibility and you 2 will need to be civil you need to meet up with him and sensible talk things through about the baby, i hope things work out for you in the end, how far gone are you n how old?? xx


tennesseewlkr07 - January 24

im 6 about 7 weeks and im 16



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