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catherine - August 24

I have tested that i am pregnant, but the guy ask me to abort it, since it's only about 1 mth. I was wondering if i go other place to birth ok or not? My frd scolding me i am silly to do that.....wat shld i do???


Katie - August 18

do what you feel is best don't have an abortion unless your positive thats what you want. did your b/f tell you what would happen if you didn't have an abortion? would he support you? either away your friend is right. going away to another place just to give birth is not a good idea


catherine - August 18

He the 1 ask me to abort it, wld he support me? dont think so....that y i think of single parent. but will single parent harm to a child?


Shorty - August 18

A single parent family does not harm a child. Its your body and you do what you feel is right. You need to make this decision, not your friends or your boyfriend/partner.My best friend is a single mum of 4, and the love she shows by being the best mum she can be and always being there for her kids... not many couples ( mum & dad) show that kind of love anymore. so it doesn't make a difference.


yessica - August 24

catherine dear, first let me ask you how old are you? second of all i just wanted to let you know that i am a single mom...i had my son when i was 18 and now he is 2 years is not easy but if you are old enough things will be okay....when i found out i was pregnant my mom kicked me out. i stayed with my friend until i was approved for a section 8 house. but just because i lived in section 8 doesn't mean that i was completely supported by the government. i still held a very nice job as a secretary for social security administration and i payed all my bills on time. i never recieved child support from my sons father. u can have a child on your own it just takes a lot of courage to do it. do not abort your baby no matter what. god bless you and your unborn child!


Sam - August 24

Catherine im also going to be a single mum-im almost 7 months pregnant and the father left me for someone else about a month ago.Being a single parent wont harm your child.My mum is a single parent also and i have grown up fine-i see my dad sometimes but hardly ever he never seems to have time for me but as long as ive got my mum i honestly dont really care. Good luck with your pregnancy-Luv Sam+Bump



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