Sister Possibly Pregnant Please Read

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Ashley - August 20

Hello Everyone, This is regarding my younger sister (15)who just recently came to me about the idea she might be pregnant. She has every thing symptoms wise as to possibly being pregnant. She has had unprotected s_x, “pulled out” and a condom has broken.. She last had her period on aug 11 but she said it was a lot shorter and she didn’t know how heavy or light it was because that was her first time using tampons. Isn’t it possible to have a “period” while pregnant or in this case “va___al bleeding”. I really think she is because of her symptoms and how they are adding up. Sore br___t, very sleepy, nausea in the morning and different times of the day/night, constipation etc... the list goes on. How long before symptoms start to show? I bought a pregnancy test we will take it on Friday then im taking her to a clinic on Tuesday for another one to be sure. Thank You In Advance, ~Ash


summer - August 19

it sounds as though she is prego. but normally when you bleed your not but it is still possible just have her take the test.


Shorty - August 19

Usually signs start to occour around two weeks after conception. I would get a test done, and then weigh up your options.


ashley reply to summer & shorty - August 19

she is taking it in the morning i'll update... thanks so much for you post! ~ashley


Balls - August 20

If your sister is not pregnant then you should suggest she go on the pill. She shouldn't be having s_x at all but if she can't be stopped she should at least protect herself against pregnancy. She may also want to get tested for s_xual diseases (some can go undected for years and cause infertility) - if she has had unprotected s_x with a guy, then that guy is bound to of had unprotected s_x with every other girl he has had s_x with. STDs are VERY common these days.


Me - August 20

Your sister should feel lucky to have you. Ask her to return the favour by not having s_x again until she is in a stable loving relationship over the age of 16.


Ashey reply to Balls - August 20

She is going to the doctors next week for birth control. this waiting is killing. I'll update later....I'm nervous. thanks for you post ~ashley


ashley reply to Me - August 20

Indeed I am a nice loving sister and she is very lucky to have me. I have asked her not to but she just doesn't understand that there is much more to relationships than just s_x. She is so young she is just simply out a quick pleasure then think about her life and health. It's sad. But all i can do is point her in the right direction. thanks for you post! ~ashley


megan - August 20

umm...w3ll sound lioke she pregnant but if u take dah test n comes out negative den gow see dah doctor or sumthin cuz itsh sounds like she pregnant 2 mewah!!


Ashley *UPDATE* - August 20

Well she took the test and it came up negative and that should make me feel better right? Like wat a relief? Only the thing is I am doubting the test what if she is that 1% LOL of the test that is bad. She is going to the doctors on tuesday we will see then. Then I will feel better. She started smoking weed today right after the test. I am really upset with her. She could be pregnant and be messing with her childs development because she selfish and only thinking about herself.~ashley



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