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skared - May 7

i am about to have find out if i am pregey or not.... in my situation it is very diffacutl.. my mom gave me and my boyfriend the oppurtuinty for him to stay with us( for two weeks when he was visiting me) and we boTH said that we where not going to have s_xual intercourse..... i know that i can hadnel it on my own... if she isnt planing on helpiong out then that is on her.. she wil loose the chanch to see her daughter again and her unborn grandchild( if i am pregnant) but i just dont kno how to tell her... i want to just bite the bullet but it is very hard because i gave her my word that i wouldnt and i did..... i have a feeling that my dad wil disown me i am purdy shure that my mom wouldnt but my dad and on his side OF the family, they are very religious, you have to be over 20 to have a boyfreind soo just go figure how hard this is going to be fore me! do you have ne thing that you can tell me.... anyone that had a situation like this... my boyfreind is 18 n i am 16 not very much age diff.....if my faily is smart they wil know not to press charges( cuz we were concented by both my parents, they boht new that i was with him) DO YOU HAVE ANY OPINIONS??? HELP!!!


candie4 - May 7

I would tell them. so what if your dads side or the family is very religious ur not as religious as them you have your own life right?


skared - May 7

yea i do have my own life but they thinkg that i am going to folwot heres... i really dont kare.. but its liek dam cuz i want a family( if i am... this is not the only child i am going to have) i want more.. i have no family and i want a big one too... but if i loose one sdie of my family i think that it wil be very devisating.. but also,... they live far away from me as well and if they want to look down on me.. by all means go for it... im jus soo confusedddd=/


Cara - May 8

well wait to find out if you are pregnant before talking to your mom. i had told my mom the same thing and i ended up getting pregnant, it happens, your human and while your mom will be disappointed she loves you and will forgive you. Just sit her down and be honest, let her know that you made a mistake that you cant take back and that you want her help. It isnt easy to tell your parents, i think it was the hardest part of my pregnancy but once they know it is so much easier. My family is deeply religous but part of faith is forgiveness and if your dad is truelly a faithful person he will learn forgiveness. I hope that everything works out for the best, even if your parents have a hard time with it at first give them a chance to come around...they have to get over the shock to!


skared - May 8

yes i understand where you are ocming from.. i think that i am just going to have to tell her... streight up.. n bight the bullet.. however my dad takes it... or my mom that is on them..... im not stressin about being pregnant i just want to know... the thing that is kinda werid is that even today my mom was talkn gabout it and she said that her freind had a dream i was pregnant... i know that doesnt mean ne thing butid ont know... i was wantignt o tell her right there that i might.. but watch when i come out that im not.. that is something that ima have to hear for a long a__ss itme so im just going to wait.. i have to wait around 6 more days.... hopeufly they wil just give me an ultrasound( can they do that) cuz i dont trust the pee tests!!!!!



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