Sleeping On Your Stomach

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?!?!?!?! - November 28

how long can a person sleep on there stomach when they are pregnant. I might be pregnant not 100% sure but liek 95% sure. I am used to sleeping on my stomach what should I do?


I'm a bat so I sleep upside .. - November 28

I doubt you will be sleeping on your stomach for long but try starting out by sleeping with one knee brought up to waist level . Its quite comfortable . or throw a pillow between your legs or underneath that one thigh you have bent to waist level , or lay on your side with a body pillow beside you and through one arm and one leg over it


Jami - November 28

im a stomach sleeper also... and just now at 20 weeks i am getting to where i cant lay on my stomach because it puts to much pressure on my lowe abdomen... you can keep sleeping on your stomach untill it becomes uncomfortable, then you'll probably sleep on your side and be happy with it because it will be more comfortable :)


kate - November 28

im 22 weeks and still sleeping on my tummy with no discomfort, but each person is different


Natalie - November 28

when i got to about 24 weeks i could no longer sleep on my stomach, its the most annoying thing in the world, i feel like i havent slept in a month now, i have to prop myself up and just set myself into a semi comfortable position.


lauren - November 28

im 13 weeks pregnant an also a stomach sleeper but not no longer i find it really uncomfterble.


lauren - November 28

its not a good idea to sleep on your tummy after about 14 weeks, and when you get to about 24 weeks its not a good idea to sleep on your back either because the main blood vessle ( the vena cava) can become squished and this is what supplies blood to your baby. so sleeping on you side with lots of pillows to prop you up is the best way to go... im also a tummy sleeper and the bigger you get the harder it is to find a comfotable way to lay. i feel ike i havn't had a good nights sleep for months. im up every 2 hours either to pee or change positions. But i guess its good practise for when the baby comes, then ill really know what no sleep means!!!! Ill find out soon though only 11 more days till the big day the baby is due on dec 10 and i cant wait. good luck to all you girls!!! ;)


- November 28

you can sleep any way you want as long as it is comfortable to you. i'm 39 weeks and simi sleep on my tummy. i lay on my side and either lay my leg over a body pillow or my husband.


Ameigh - November 28

my whole life i slept on my stomach, and i was pretty stubborn and always tired to sleep on my stomach. but after a curtain time. i just couldnt anymore. and it bugged me for weeks but im totally use to it now. and i probably wont even go back to sleeping on my stomach after


elizabeth - November 29

My doctor said anyway that is comfortable is just fine. Im just about 29 weeks and i was a total belly sleeper but when i found out i was pregnant it scared me to..even though i knew it wouldnt hurt the baby. I sleep on my back and when that gets uncomfortable i sleep on my right side. People say that its not good for you but then everybody says different. Anything that is comfortable they say is just whatever position is comfortable, go for it....good luck



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