Sleepover W Friend Friends Bro Raped Pregnancy

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tennesseewlkr07 - January 26

This is starting to get ridiculous, girls with REAL stories come onto this site looking for advice, and they should not have to worry about their questions loosing the attention they need because someone with too much time on their hands has distracted everyone to their story that makes absolutely no sense! If they are going to lie at least make it a beliveable one!


abriamiacadia - January 26

DUDE if her due date was Aug. 20th she'd be 10 weeks and 4-5 days....because then she'd be due like 2 days after me. This is stupid. and Im really tired of this forum. You cant trust ANYONE on it...-_0


CAROL - January 26

I find it funny that so many people come on here and lie about being pregnant, and then turn around and call us "slags". How jealous and pathetic can these people get.


abriamiacadia - January 26

VERY jealous or stupid one, why do some many young girls WANT to get pregnant? I wouldnt trade my baby for the world, but if it was up to me, I'd've waited a couple years to get pregnant..


babygirl123 - January 26

what ever >:P i just want some one to talk to about all this and you think i am not telling the Truth....fine bye


rl- - January 26

It would seem that this is a fake cause she was acting as if it was just fine she got raped and got prego by her friends brother and her friend was happy about it.....that what her brother is a rapist and her mom knows and it was hard telling her cause her mom was a teen mom no mention of maybe her mom being upset that she got raped and reporting it to the police.......this is just crazy!!


lllwhadacutiell - January 26

i feel bad for this girl. Not because i believe her story but because she has nothing better to do than to make up sick stories like this...anyways her dating was wrong because MY due date is actually the 20th of august and tomorrow i will be 10 weeks


lllwhadacutiell - January 26

yeah thats exactly what i though, the subject she wrote gave it away...all i saw was the due date and i was like ouuuu me too me too!! but then i realized it was some bs story.


lllwhadacutiell - January 26

yeah youre right. its not something to joke about...there are people that struggle the rest of their life because of the trauma they went through...people are always going to do things like that though and you pretty much just have to think of it as THEY had bad parenting..adn what could you do to teachYOUR child when its the time to be more sensable and less harsh with ideas like know ? you cant change everyone just be happy you dont act like such an idiot like that.


AyameLovesXion - January 27

Does anyone else figure that hmm she would be like 10 weeks pregnant not 6 if she was due august 20th or is that just me..


abriamiacadia - January 27

i did because im due Aug 22 lol. saying she's 6 weeks is just idiocy when your 2 days before someone -_-


lunamoo - January 27

Well I am suprised that these barely teens keep posting their bs stories. If they would take the time to read the other fakes and how we responded, I would think they would't post. Oh well. I am just going to find these "rape", "incest" stories hard to believe. And for that matter anything that comes from a "13" year old. Must be the magic number as the last 3 fakes were 13.


babii_boo91 - January 27

hey hun are you gunna keep it?? was it rape or like sorta wanted (just curious) im sry that happened but a childs life is precious maybe it happend for a reason.. please if you wanna talk email me perfect_innocent_angel69


babii_boo91 - January 27

sry i didnt read any of the posts and realize that she is a fake lol what about alone?? was she a fake?? i belived her if she was lol and i felt abd for her i know too many people who loose babies


AmericanReject - January 27

you know..not all rape stories are bull....and i know with all the fake ones its hard to believe...i mean i dont think i ever posted it but i was a__sulted a while back....i its not like all girls are jsut sad becaus eit makes the real girls who come on here and are really looking for help look bad


Julie23 - January 28

ummm...was it not you that started the other topic about needing info for school, and your a virgin and stuff???? hmmm



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