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young_mum_2_b - May 11

Hey everyone....i guess this is just an update in case anyone wanted to know anythin else bout my pregnancy....i'm 33 weeks and the doctor has just informed me that my little girl is 2 weeks smaller than she should would anyone know if this makes much of a difference in her birth weight and size or will she 'even out' in the next few weeks apart from that she's doing fine as am I...good luck 2 everyone with their bubbies and pregnancies!!


les22 - May 11

my friend had the same prob but at the next appointment he was the right size. the m/w said he must have been saving all his energy for a growth spurt !


corinne - May 11

Usually when your between I think it's like 35 to 40 when your baby is a size and they say something like that don't listen to them. If you have small babies in your family I wouldn't worry. They tried telling me the same thing but then I told them that I only weighed 5lb.7oz. when I was born and that small babies run in my family that made him think that she was just going to be small as well.


EricaLynn - May 11

My baby is only 1/2 a centameter long right now....haha, anyway in the last month of pregnancy all the baby does is gain weight and plump up for the big day. So she is probably fully developed she just needs to pack on a few pounds. Im sure she will be fine, just dont restrict your eating habits. Thats what I would think anyway, Im sure everything will be fine, shell be a little pork chop in no time.


midnight_drift - May 12

Your baby will probably be just the right size when it's born =). I don't even KNOW how big my baby is, lol. Well, good luck! ^_^


Ceno - May 12

Don't be's in the last few weeks of pregnancy that the child gains most of his/her weight. I believe you gain about a pound a week and so does the baby....something according to that.


heatherlove - May 12

I had the same problem just a few weeks ago. Don't get too nervous, the baby is most likely to grow into his/her size. IF he/she doesnt, by the time you give birth, 2 weeks shouldnt make too much of a difference as in danger or unhealthy. So try not to worry and just keep takin care of youself and your little one! Good luck!


sara b - May 12

Your due date may be off or she may just be getting ready to grow or she might be just the right size for your body. My daughter measured small or right on the whole time but I gave birth to a 8lb 10 oz 20 inch girl who looked like the michelin man (rolls everywhere) LOL. Ultrasound can be off by as much as 2 pounds in either direction so don't worry too much. I would make sure you stay off your feet to increase blood flow to the baby and if your not a diabetic then eat lots of sugary foods like ice cream and peanut b___ter or juice. Sugar reaches the baby faster than anything else and gives them energy to grow. (Still follow a balanced diet though) I'm positive this is why my daughter was such a whopper!!!! Best wishes.



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