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Megz - November 29

If you smoke before you find out if your pregnant will it hurt the baby? Will it have a chance to have birth defects?


Jbear - November 29

No...stop smoking as soon as you find out you're pregnant, and your baby will be fine. The problem that smoking usually causes is that not enough blood pa__ses through the placenta to nourish the baby, and so the baby is born underweight. If you stop smoking as soon as you know you're pregnant, the placenta won't have formed yet, and there won't be any damage done.


Anon. - November 29

To tell you the will not but you should stop smoking if you can. I made the mistake of smoking through my whole pregnancy EVERY time i lit one up alll i could think was Gee i hope my baby will be normal. Thankfully he is and was born 8lbs 9oz...but even if he was healthy the damages that could have been done are horrible to even think about...because you would know you did that to your baby. Also Before i even found out i was pregnant which wasnt til the 5th month..I was smoking pot on occasion and experimenting with cocaine.. I didnt even want to question my doc for the amount of GUILT that i felt that i put those chemicals into my body with my little baby in there, so i didnt and just hoped for the best .Thanks To God that i have a healty little boy who is now 2 months old.But even if you continue that is not really a choice.. It is an addiction and its not even on purpose ...people who arent smokers dont know that ... they dont even begin to understand what that is like. It is a needed fix in our bodies. Just know that if you do continue to smoke you will probably have huge bouts of guilt .Then again you keep doing it because of the chemical inbalance if you stop...LOL sorry im babbling. Good Luck~!


no - November 30



j - November 30

Actually, it increases the change of having an ectopic pregnancy where it gets stuck in your tube. That's what happened to me. I had to have surgery to have the tube and the remains of the baby removed. (I was 7 weeks along at the time). So, yes, smoking before getting pregnant can be dangerous not only to the baby, but to you. It's best to quit before you get pregnant...


lauren - November 30

Im 39 weeks pregnant and they estmate my baby weighs about 7lb14oz, and i havn't been able to quit smoking. I only smoke about 3 cigarettes a day, i have cut back alot i used to smoke a pack a day, and so far i've had no problems. It is true that smoking can cause lower birth weight and pre-term babies, well im full ter and have a big healthey baby nad no signs of delivering soon.......


to lauren - November 30

if you are already full term i really would not worr too much ...i smoked alot more than 3 cigs a day when i was pregnant and my little boy was born 8lbs 9 oz...dont stress too much about it its not your fault that you have an addiction which is one of the hardest ones to kick



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