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renaye - December 2



jennifer_33106 - December 2

When I got pregnant, I stopped. Pregnancy is better then the patch. Everytime I wanted to light up I would picture my baby and that would stop the cravings. Take it one day at a time and dont give up on yourself.


renaye - December 2

WELL THANKS JENNIFER that is great feback good on you for stoping


hope-31 - December 2

i still smoke.i stopped when i found out i was pregnant but started again shortly after my m/c.its so hard.i feel like an a__s cuz i will DEFINITELY quit when i get pregnant cuz i dont want to hurt my baby but in the mean time i will hurt myself and keep smoking. i know it makes no sense. i plan on quitting for the new year cuz i still am not pregnant and i know it could be part of the reason.good luck


durante baby - December 2

Every pregnancy of mine i stopped right away without a problem.....Especially after my first m/c I found It way easier to stop. a few other things were helpful as well....My sister smoked through her pregnancy with her daughter and to this day (almost 7 years later) her daughter has very icky hair and has bad skin problems. I firmly believe it was due to her smokeing....Another thing I did this last pregnancy, because I found times where I felt like have a smoke, I would make myself believe that smoking woulds make my morning sickness worse (I had VERY bad m/s) just the thought of smoking would make me feel sick after I dont know thats how my little mind worked it, and it surely did work! Just think of all the possibilities that could happen to your it and research the rebound effects, mabey that will help you as well....GL


Malica - December 3

I quit the second I saw the bfp (even though like everyone else I really wanted to quit before conceiving). Morning sickness (which started even before my period was due which is when I first tested), made it very easy for me to stay quit. Even after 3 months and the morning sickness cleared up, the smell of smoke was still repulsive. I managed to get my husband to quit before our LO arrived -- if he hadn't, I know I would have started smoking again by now because it's been just a little stressful. ;)


tish212 - December 3

these are all very very good methods of quitting....and reminding urself of the reasons to quit help... I quit by thinking every time I wanted to light up I would picture my baby in the nicu and I would decide it wasn't worth it. its easy to ignore ur own health and smoke as a personal choice but when u involve a baby that has no say it makes it easier to quit...u can do may be hard but u have to remain positive and strong willed... gl sweetheart u can do it!


newlywed0915 - December 3

here another thought that might help you quit, hun. I know a girl who smoke and drank (a lot) all through her pregnancy. She just had her baby full term and the little girl is in ICU. She was born only 3 lbs. Her other tww daughter's were healthy because she wasn't doing these things.She damaged her daughter's health because she only considered her own comfort.


venus_in_scorpio - December 3

i cut down from a pack a day to 1/2 pack as soon as I got the BFP, by 20 weeks I was down to like 3 cigs a day and by 6 months I had stopped completely. I found that beating myself up over it made me feel a lot worse. just do your best. it was difficult for me because i lived with smokers and lost a family member when i was pregnant -- high stress... but you'll do right by your baby. just cut down as much as you can, that's what my doctor told me to do. every time you think about smoking, just look at the clock and put it off a half an hour. keep doing that as much as you can with every cigarette. I also found that cutting out that first morning one was a great first step, the later in the day i smoked my first cigarette, the less i smoked all day. Also, if you go to school or work, make it a point NOT to smoke at work, or school, or in the car, etc. little stuff like that adds up. good luck.


Teddyfinch - December 3

i haven't been pg yet, but i stopped when dh asked me to. he's asthmatic so i kind of had no choice. it's been 4 years since i quit and i still crave one every once in a while. only when i'm really stressed tho.


jennifer_33106 - December 3

You know, I dont miss the nicotin or the cigarettes themselves. I miss the habit. Like standing outside having a smoke or when I am driving. I was a boredom smoker.


durante baby - December 3

Jenn I love that you said that, cause I have always said that smoking is 90% habit, and 10% addiction! Doing what I do for a living, we dont get smoke breaks, cause we can smoke anytime anywhere. When my working partner is a smoker I smoke pretty much everytime he does, but my partner now isnt a smoker, so a pack last me two days, normally it would last me 1.


durante baby - December 3

My biggest time to feeling like I NEED a cig, is right after I eat a large meal, and that i think is the 10% of addiction.


hope-31 - December 3

anyone want to go to the fish thread and give me help with my question?


Malica - December 4

One of the things that has helped me stay quit is having a different philosophy. I've been able to quit several times, but after a few weeks or a few months I'd slip up and be smoking as much as I used to by the end of the week. Gamblers and alcoholics still consider themselves gambling addicts and alcoholics even if they have been clean for years, and I think this is more accurate. It's because I thought addiction was something you focused on for a few weeks and then you were cured, when really there will always be days when cigarettes will call for you. It gets easier over time, but if you ever let your guard down then that's when you get into trouble. Or at least, that's when I got into trouble -- it was never the first few weeks when I was fighting it really hard that I gave in -- it was always later when I thought I was 'cured' that I fell off the wagon.


Teddyfinch - December 4

in my opinion, a person can not say they have quit smoking until they stop. forever. period. if you "quit" for 3 or 4 months and then go back, then it's taking a break, but i can't be that mean. it was easy for me because i was a boredom smoker aswell, but when i did smoke i chain smoked. the only thing that keeps me from going back is that i know my husband will be PISSED at me if i do lol. and that's not something i want to do. if i p__s him off i want it to be gooooood like i buy a really expensive purse or something. that and i promised him i wouldn't and when we promise, we make a point to never break it. makes it feel good when you need to ask them something and they promise it feels like there's no question.



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