So Complicated

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xxconfusedx - January 2

My boyfriend and I had unprotected s_x on September 16th. I've gotten my periods, every month. My mom says I look pregnant. I don't know what to do. I didn't think i was pregnant because I got my period, but my friend at work told me she knew a lady who had her period, all 9 months of her pregnancy.. I'm so confused, and I don't know what to do! My boyfriend says im over reacting, which could very well be. I'm def. going to take a pregnancy test. I need opinions.. could I be pregnant or no?


Teddyfinch - January 2

when was your period that month? if it wasn't in your fertile period, then you probably are not. it's best to take a preggy test.


ChattyKathy - January 2

Having a "period" while pregnant is a very rare thing. I don't think you are pregnant and I'm sure that a test will confirm this.


Krissy25 - January 2

I would say that as long as your period has continued to come on time and has been the same length as your other periods there is probably nothing to worry about. Some women have bleeding throughout their pregnancy and it can come and go which can seem like a period, but it is not possible to actually have your period when you are pregnant b/c you aren't having cycles.


BabiiKayy - January 3

hey, what your friend told you at work is true cause that happened to my friend aunt. she didnt know she was pregnant cause she kept getting her period every month. every woman is diff. example every car has a different motor and that how we are we all have different types of how our bodies work inside. i think your doing the right thing by going to take a test. and the whole mom thing telling you,you look pregnant..moms can sense things. it could be a possiblity that your pregnant.


kendra.marie - January 3

babii kayy is 100% RIGHT. she knew i was pregnant with my first baby & i didnt even know mothers have insticts. so i dont know.



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