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confusednconcerned - December 31

me and my boyfriend of coming up 2 years had s_x 2 days ago(december 29th) and my period is due either this up coming sunday or monday, we used both a condom and i'm on the bc pill. the condom completely broke off at the tip when before he even finished and we didnt notice until after he pulled out. i dont take my birth control at the exsct same time everyday and a few days before this incident i forgot to take one of my pills until the next day....i immediately felt cramps and had a very small amount of blood come out after. i've also had cramps ever since, but they feel different and lower than menstraul cramps. does anyone know what my chances are of being pregnant?


Grandpa Viv - January 1

A contraceptive mishap that late in your cycle is not likely to cause pregnancy. It is always possible that your pill failed you mid-cycle. Did you have penetration without a condom about Dec 20? If you use a condom for all penetrations, and are reasonably consistent with the pill regime, it is very unlikely you are pregnant. Do a home pee test before you start on your next active pills. GL!


confusednconcerned - January 1

well i also went onto my bc pill manufacturer's website and looked up what would be the worst case scenario if i missed a pill and it said that if i missed even just one on my dark blue row(the last row before the placebo pills) that i should be careful and use a condom for the next week either that or not have s_x, and it just so happens that the pill i missed was in that dark blue well i asked my mom when my most fertile time of the month is and she said because i'm on the pill that my most fertile time is the week before my period because its synthetic hormones and if i wasn't on bc pills then it would be the week after my period. this morning i woke up in the middle of sleeping because i felt incredibly nauseous and havent been able to shake it, i know its too early for preg symptoms but could it be the process of fertilization doing it or just random nausea?


Grandpa Viv - January 2

Your research is good. Ortho TriCyclen Low recommends using a backup method any time you miss an active pill, which means they think ovulation is possible. It is only four days since your mishap, so it is early to be experiencing symptoms, convincing as they may be. You have little choice but to take a couple of home preg tests using first morning pee, the first when this pill pack runs out, and the second a week later when the inactive pills (white ?) run out. GL!


confusednconcerned - January 2

my pill pack i'm on is almost out, the last row is green and thats the row that i'm on right now. my period is supposed to start tomorrow but still no signs of it showing up. thank you for your help though =)


confusednconcerned - January 3

ok so my period is supposed to be here today but has absolutely no sign of it at all, and i have heart burn now and i never used to get it.


Grandpa Viv - January 3

Hmm. Heartburn, nauseous, weird cramps, spotting a week before period due all kind of add up. I think you will be buying a couple of home preg tests, one to use first morning pee quite soon, and the second to use a week later. If you are pregnant, I am still inclined to think you had a contraceptive malfunction a week earlier than the incident you described. GL!


confusednconcerned - January 3

i am quite sure that my boyfriend and i didnt even get intimate for atleast a week and a half before this incident. still no sign of my period, however a couple hours ago i did have a VERY SMALL amount of light brown discharge that i expect is spotting. would tuesday morning be too soon to test or should i wait until thursday morning because thats the day i am supposed to start my new pack?


confusednconcerned - January 4

today my spotting or period or whatever it was got a bit heavier and is dark brown for the most part with a bit of red blood. its still not a lot but its more noticeable. i really need to know whats going on. and i have kinda bad cramping that i got today as well, its very off and on.


Grandpa Viv - January 5

You expected your period Jan 4th, which suggests your ovulation would have been Dec 18th (if the pill allowed it) and you had s_xual exposure about that time (week and half before Dec 29). Now you have a missing or weird period on top of other signs. You could test any morning now, or to be more certain of the result, wait until next weekend. Use first morning pee, dip method. Let us know how it goes. GL!



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